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The League is now entering its 70th year and its fifth season at The Wisbech Table Tennis Club. I would firstly like to welcome back Pegg Scaffolding and newcomers The Kiddles as well as our established players and a few new players. I would also like to thank all those of you who have worked so hard in in the last year carrying out the various  improvements at the Club at Pinnacle House making it the great success that it is.

We have 55 registered players this season playing from eleven teams. We also now have 89 Associate members now playing on Wednesdays, a few of whom from last year have become registered players for this season. Support for the Wisbech Club Centre has grown and we run a Summer League with seven teams. We have 11 teams playing from the Club this season and welcome back those players from the Kings Lynn and March Leagues. All the major improvements at the Club have now been completed. I am sure that you will continue to enjoy the improved facilities and the competitive atmosphere the League has to offer.

Each team will play each other, home and away in the League programme. The Challenge Cup and the Parker Shield will again be played as knockout competitions. The Handicap Sleight Doubles will be played on a group basis, each pairing will be handicapped, which hopefully will give each team a more equal chance of success. The draws for all three events have already been made. The Knockout Challenge Cup will need to be arranged wherever possible as the season is now longer. The other Cups should take place in the scheduled week on the league home night detailed in your handbook.

Again, I would like to thank, all those of you who have assisted the Association last season and I hope that I can count on your most valued and continued support again this season.

Please remember that this handbook serves as a registration card, which you should be able to produce at the request of the opposition.     

Yours sincerely

Chris Gay



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