WTTA Newsletter September 2015




Welcome, one and all, to the new season, with a special welcome to the Club to new member Stef Mytton and a welcome back to Lee Wilkinson.

1               DICK PRIOR

At the Club’s AGM in June, Dick retired as Chairman, a role he has filled for 20+ years of his 40+ years of service to the Club.  To recognise this service and to mark the occasion, Life Membership of WTTC was conferred on Dick and a presentation made, on behalf of Club members, to him and Mary.  In addition, League Chairman Dave Metcalfe attended to present the CTTA Ron Dawkins Award to Dick.


2               COMMITTEE

It was also decided at the AGM that the posts of Tournament Organiser and Web Master be Officers of the Club.  To formalise this, our rules need to be changed; accordingly, it is intended to hold a SGM at 8.00 pm on Thursday 24th September – a separate email about this will be circulated to all members.  


The new Committee comprises the Officers – Stuart Greene (Chairman & Equipment Officer), Chris Lane (Treasurer), Keith Ferguson (Secretary), Nick Mytton (Tournament Organiser) and Luke Moffat (Web Master) – and the Team Captains – Doug Payne, Craig Norledge, and Debbie Wardlaw.


3               CLUB SUBSCRIPTIONS

Subscriptions for the coming season are £62 for Seniors and £31 for Juniors – note these figures include the CTTA registration fees of, respectively, £12 and £5. 

Subscriptions for non-League playing members are £20 and for non-playing (Social) members £10.

Subscriptions paid to the Treasurer before the end of September would be much appreciated and should be paid at the latest by October 31st (note: late payment will cost an extra £10). 



All playing members (whether League or non-League) are required, for the purposes of insurance, to have Table Tennis England Individual Membership.  Membership fees for 2015/16 are £10 for Seniors and £5 for Juniors; there is no fee for non-League (Associate) players.  Players must pay this fee directly to Table Tennis England (ie not through the Club nor through the League), either online at www.tabletennis365.com/etta/membership or by phone on 0845 0500388.

Please note that players will be ineligible to play in League matches until the Table Tennis England Individual Membership fee has been paid. 


5               TEAMS                    (note that not all teams have yet been finalised)

CAVALIERS (Div 1): Craig Norledge (Capt), Jack Davis, Luke Gresty, Luke Moffat

ROAMERS (Div 1): Doug Payne (Capt), Matt Hartwell, Nick Mytton

WIZARDS (Div 1): Chris Lane (Capt), Graham Fisher, Stuart Greene, Stewart Ratcliffe, Darrell Wiltshire

VIKINGS (Div 2): Keith Ferguson (Capt), Jacqui Bickley, Stef Mytton, Phil Steers, Lee Wilkinson

SCHOLARS (Div 3): Debbie Wardlaw (Non-playing Captain), Fin Dufty, Jerome Edwards, Joel Edwards,

Dominic Wakeham, Fraser Wardlaw


6               PRE-SEASON PRACTICE

Please note changes to previous years’ arrangements – only 2 sessions but for 2.5 hours each.  The Gym has been booked for pre-season practice on September 17th and 24th from 7.30 to 10.00 pm.  Players will be asked to contribute £3.00 per session. 


7               THURSDAY 17th SEPTEMBER

Handbooks, match books and scorecards will be available on the 17th.  It is essential that Team Captains (or one of their team) are at the school on this date to collect these items for their teams - please note they will not be given out on an individual basis.



The League programme starts the week commencing September 28th.  The complete fixture list for all teams is now available on both the Club and the CTTA website; and this season I would ask Team Captains (and indeed their players) to download/print off their fixtures from the website. 


Home nights are Thursdays and all matches will be played in the Gym.  (Note for new members: use the secondary entrance to the school – not the main gate; drive in past the bungalow, park in the marked spaces and then walk between the buildings to gym in right-hand corner).


The Gym is officially booked with the school from 7.15 to 10.30 pm and every effort must be made to finish matches by that time (see 9 below).  Availability of the Gym before 7.15 is not a problem, so early arrival (7.00 pm) to set up tables etc is not affected – matches are officially supposed to start at 7.15 pm anyway.

The layout of the Gym for matches will be as it was last season – the 2 end tables to be self-contained playing areas (ie barriers across full width of gym and benches inside the barriers) and the 2 middle tables to have benches outside the barriers to enable easier access to the door.    


Important note: with the advent of a new non-resident School Site Manager, arrangements for access to the storeroom and to the Gym will change.  At the time of writing, the details are still to be finalised and I won’t know until after the start of term.  I will then send out a separate email to you. 


9               MATCH RESULTS

Match results can be sent either on the official scorecard or by electronic transfer.  The relevant League rules can be found in the Handbook – Team Captains please note. 


10            LATE FINISHES

The School has made it clear that we must be off the premises - not just out of the gym – by 10.35 pm.  Please help to achieve this by arriving at the Club in time to help set up and so ensure matches start as promptly as possible (I know opponents’ arrival time is out of our control but opponents arriving before home team players does not look good), by being ready to play or umpire when it’s your turn and by encouraging opponents to do the same.  Team Captains in particular are requested to push things along (in a firm but friendly manner, of course!).


11            AWAY FIXTURES    

New venue: Lakeside teams will be playing at the Cleeve venue, as Cleeve Smiths A, B & C.

New Club/Team: Nailsworth Phoenix (Div 1)

Cheltenham TTC: Teams A (Div 1), B (Div 2) and F, G & J (Div 3) play on a Tuesday; Teams C, D & E (Div 2) and H (Div 3) on a Friday.

Fixed finishing times: Cheltenham TTC 10.00 pm.  

Please make every effort to arrive in good time to enable a prompt start to be made at these venues.

See handbook for full details.


12            FUTURE PRACTICE

There will be 1 table available for practice each Thursday during the season and 2 tables on some Thursdays (when there are only 2 home matches).  Note that these tables can also be used to enable the completion of any matches running late.  Will those setting up please take all 4 tables into the gym.


13            WEBSITE

The Club has its own website at www.tabletennis365.com/winchcombe.  Team Captains are asked to send our new Web Master Luke Moffat their match results.


Finally, best wishes to all for an enjoyable and successful season.


Keith Ferguson



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