Winchcombe Golf Classic - August 2012

Winchcombe Golf Classic

The 19th of August 2012 was this years Winchcombe Golf Classic that has now somehow become known as the "Winchcombe TT International Golf Challenge". The venue was Sherdons Golf Centre and despite a few semi pro's in the form of Guy Greening, Chris Lane  and Andrew Gretton the rest were amaturers.

Jacqui Bickley got of to a flying start in the first hole with a double bogey of some sort. This was followed by a lost ball, however by hole five was back in complete control.Guy Greening kept pushing the referee all the way with his slow play. Choi Sze To just moaned about the monsoon weather despite being a warm enough day to be in shorts.

In conclusion all had a very good day apart from Andrew Gretton who came last but a few cheeky beers afterwards went down well, if you want to know the winner just ask around.

Golf Day 2012

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