Scholars Kick Start Season with Mars Attack

Scholars Kick Start Season with a Mars Attack

Do you remember your first league appearance ? This may well have been a long time ago,but for some, it only started this season.  " The Scholars " Winchcombes new third division side have done just that. The team formed through the link with the school has six 13 year olds have stepped into the big time. The team have had to learn the game, shots and competition beyond their usual arm decision making. The boys have fitted in well to the club and have been making small headway with some coaching from Nick Davidson.

At a recent coaching session the discussion of goals and achievements were made with the boys. The aim to have them make six points before Christmas. When offered a choice of what they would like if they achieved this, there was little consultation as the prompted straight for a Mars Bar each.

This week saw the team deliver the best results this season. Another good win for them in the inter schools league and an 8-2 loss in the open league moved them within one point of the fist half seasons goal and the ultimate Mars Bar reward.

A promising result, and the coach is very pleased with the focus that the team have started to deliver, the only question he has, is what will be expected for the second half. If we keep with the same theme then a Yorkie bar could be top of their list as it's clearly not for girls.

Well done boys lets keep going

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