Winchcombe Golf Day 2009

Winchcombe Golf Day

Winchcombe’s second annual golf contest took place Sunday the 31st March 2009 at Cleeve Hill and it didn’t disappoint, great weather, some great golf and Douglas Payne showing why he shouldn’t give up table tennis. Eight of us stepped up to the challenge with first division taking on second division in pairs. First up to the tee were Doug & Dave White taking on Daz Wiltshire (relegated to the second division side) and Graham Fisher. After some interesting tee off’s Dave showed us all why he plays off a handicap of 18, my arse. Second pairs up to the oche representing the first division Matt Hartwell & Craig Norledge and for the second division Chris Lane & Keith Ferguson, after the first few holes first division seemed to be leading the way Dave having parred the first 5 holes and proving to be the gem in div one’s team. Not wanting to let his partner down, Doug having scored 10 on each of the first few holes thought he really should practise his enthusiastic technique and targeted what he thought was a dry sheep you know what, to practise on. Unfortunately he hit that more crisp than he hit a ball all day only to find that it wasn’t actually as dry as he previously thought! To follow was 10 minutes of club cleaning.

Meanwhile Keith & Chris were homing in on Matt & Craig’s early lead with some steady fairway and green work. Craig’s golf shots were rather like his table tennis shots, powerful with a distinct lack of finesse; great off the tee, but when you miss a five foot putt by more than ten foot you know it’s going be a long afternoon. After three and half we had completed the intended first 10 holes and headed back to the club house for a well deserved beer.

Using the stapleford method we totalled up the two pairs scores Daz & Graham’s combined score was a strong 31 points but luckily for the first div pair Dave managed to score an impressive 26 to add to Doug’s not so impressive 5 points leaving Div 1 tied with div 2 with the second pairs scores to be added to decide the winner. Unfortunately it wasn’t the nail biting finish of the previous year, Div 1’s early lead was easily eaten into and passed by Keith and Chris’s no frills shots which helped Div 2 to a ten point victory.

Anyway fun was had by all and if there are any other table tennis teams who would like to take on the might of Winchcombe at golf please give us a shout or talk to us at Winchcombe’s barbeque on the 14th July. Over and out Matt.

Winchcombe Golf Day

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