22nd October  2018

Points are adjusted down at the start of the season by 20%


PLAYERPoints (Oct 2018)
K Edwards253
I Packford198
T Parkins193
A Bolhuis187
G Freeman178
A Pearson177
P Epps165
C Watkins141
S Andrews138
J Papierz123
L Wordley110
A Feltham109
K Williams104
J Wyles104
A Duke86
T Bannister85
M Stickley 83
S Richardson82
R Powell77
A Phillips77
S Cutler76
M Neve74
R Valovec70
N Paniccia64
N Sewell61
D Brace59
A Porter58
R Jones56
B Wilde56
M Phillips54
R Penny52
C Thompson52
N Daniels51
M Shearman47
D Allen43
C Dowding42
B Rolfe36
G Berry36
P Bhardwaj35
K Wright33
D Evans30
D Clode30
A Hurley30
N Jones29
D Brickley29
D Barker28
S Hanania26
N Freeman26
L Bowen24
F Coupe14
K Johnston10
N Block10
M Jackson0
T Hartles0
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