Latest Ranking positions and points after the Wiltshire Vets ranking Tournament  held on 31st March 2019

Pictures taken at the event here


1C Watkins261
2K Edwards253
3A Bolhuis245
4A Pearson223
5T Parkins214
6I Packford198
7G Freeman188
8A Duke181
9P Epps165
10J Papierz147
11S Andrews138
12N Dagger135
13T Bannister126
14A Feltham126
15L Wordley118
16J Wyles104
17K Williams104
18S Cutler95
19M Neve86
20M Stickley 83
21Stephen Richardson82
22D Evans78
23R Powell77
24A Phillips77
25Steve Richardson76
26N Paniccia71
27R Valovec70
28A Porter66
29N Sewell61
30N Newton60
31D Brace59
32R Jones56
33B Wilde56
34M Phillips54
35R Penny52
36C Thompson52
37N Daniels51
38C Dowding47
39M Shearman43
40D Allen42
41B Rolfe36
42D Goss36
43G Berry36
44P Bhardwaj35
45K Wright33
46D Clode30
47A Hurley30
48N Jones29
49Dennis Brickley29
50D Barker28
51S Hanania26
52N Freeman26
53L Bowen24
54F Coupe14
55K Johnston10
56N Block10
57M Jackson0
58T Hartles0





Latest Ranking positions and points after the Wiltshire County Closed Championships held on 3rd March 2019

 PlayerPoints (Mar 2019)
1K Edwards253
2C Watkins243
3A Pearson223
4T Parkins214
5I Packford198
6A Bolhuis191
7G Freeman178
8P Epps165
9A Duke157
10S Andrews138
11J Papierz123
12T Bannister123
13L Wordley118
14A Feltham109
15J Wyles104
16K Williams104
17M Stickley 83
18S Richardson82
19D Evans78
20R Powell77
21A Phillips77
22S Cutler76
23M Neve74
24R Valovec70
25A Porter66
26Nick Paniccia64
27N Sewell61
28D Brace59
29R Jones56
30B Wilde56
31M Phillips54
32R Penny52
33C Thompson52
34N Daniels51
35Colin Dowding47
36M Shearman43
37D Allen42
38B Rolfe36
39D Goss36
40George Berry36
41P Bhardwaj35
42K Wright33
43D Clode30
44A Hurley30
45N Jones29
46Dennis Brickley29
47D Barker28
48S Hanania26
49Nigel Freeman26
50L Bowen24
51F Coupe14
52K Johnston10
53Nigel Block10
54M Jackson0
55T Hartles0
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