Match Report

Dragons have an injury crisis…Adam Rambo Davies shaky knees, Jacob Wizard Whitworth puppy love, Lee Pugwash Smith well what’s right with him, David Owdmon Mawdesley waiting for an injection engine and Cappo Chris Galeforce Garfin who is sponsored by Elastoplast so Owdmon limped, Pugwash tramadolled and Galeforce ached into the starting line-up.
Heinz sent out the newly formed political party BMP Beans Means Ping-Pong (Bolton, Moss, and Pickford) they also have section problems….Jimmy Beaver Brooks away visiting one of his South African diamond mines and Dave Rumberlow Bennett dropped a Ferguson Video Star on his foot.
Let’s get to the game it starts with a three nil win to Pugwash V Sir Allan this continues Gentleman Jim who borrowed some shorts off Speedo Mick beats Owdmon 3-0, Galeforce does the same to Mossy, Owdmon beats Sir Allan 3-0 and to round things off Pugwash wins 3-0 against Mossy. Dragons lead 12-3 and at this rate it will be over by nine thirty.
Into the doubles we go Pugwash and Galeforce V Removal man Pickford and Sandy Shaw Moss at last a thriller it goes all the way with Allan hitting backhand winners all over the place Sandra singing puppet on a string leaving Galeforce & Pugwash trying to stay with them. Heinz take it 3-2.
Could this change the way the games are going ANSWER NO Galeforce sees off Speedo Jim 3-0, Owdmon beats Mossy 3-0 and Sir Allan puts away Galeforce 3 nil with easy showing now to play the backhand drive which the league hasn’t seen for years, now does he do it Garfin mutters as he walks off. To finish off Pugwash & Speedo have their usual five setter with Jim coming out on top, final score Dragons 22 Heinz 12.
In the BT studio Speedo Mick took time out of his epic journey to warm is bones with some proper Corn Dog Lobbey and he also visited Sir Allan’s house to relax in Allan’s newly installed Jacuzzi by Heinz, hold on by Heinz something smells of beans here.        
Written by:David Mawdesley
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