Match Report

As the new year continues, Monday night saw the arrival of the howling Wigan Wolves at the Dragons lair in Leigh. The pack from Wigan consisted of the Murphy twins Steve and Den with Dennis Johnson and a very welcome return of the big Bob Edwards.
The Dragons squad had a last minute change when keep fit guru Captain Pugwash aka Lee Smith called in sick...It is not known at this stage just what the severity of his illness is, but, he assures the Leigh St.George hierarchy he is confined to quarantine for a number of days....we will be looking to obtain a Doctor's certificate to reinforce his claims although it is known that Everton are due to play at home on Wednesday and being a season ticket holder we feel Pugwash is swinging the lead to avoid further trauma.
Galeforce Garfin, who himself was due to miss this fixture and was suffering from an upset stomach, was wafted in as a late replacement. The Owdmon and Railwaymon made up the Dragons trio.
It was Galeforce who went on first, a plan that if he needed to dart off quickly then he would have time before his next game. Facing the elder of the Murphy twins it was a very close opening game contrary to the 3-0 scoreline for the the wolf. The Owdmon Mawdesley next facing the younger Murphy Den with Owdmon taking it 3-1, before Railwaymon defeating Dennis Johnson with the same score of 3-1.
The first five setter of the evening saw an excellent clash between the Owdmon dragon and Steve the elder. Murphy just taking the spoils in this cracker. Galeforce trumped in the next game and fabreezed past Dennis Johnson 3-0 before it was time for the Dragon to succumb and dart off pretty quickly, leaving the 'Mons' of Owd and Railway to pair in the doubles against the returning Bob Edwards and his partner Den the younger for the Wolves. It seemed that Bob hadn't been away and danced across the floor with ease after his long lay off. The Wolves pairing took this 3-0 although it can be said that the Dragons did snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on a couple of occasions, yet, taking nothing away from the great effort of the victors in this one.
Back on in the singles and it was Railwaymon who failed to capitalise on some great chances to win this encounter with Den the younger but ended up losing it 3-2 as Den took his own chances when it mattered.
Owdmon was up against Dennis Johnson, then Railwaymon was called back to play his final game before he could reach his seat even, this was because the Owdmon had despached Dennis  in quick succession and possibly a record time!! Sadly, Railwaymon was no match for Steve the elder as the Wolf took this encounter nearly as quick as the Owdmon!
Galeforce returned for the final game of the evening and took a well deserved 2-0 lead before some great counter attacking from the wolf Den who then went on to take it this close and final five setter, giving the Wolves a 20 - 18 points win.

The usual protocol of going to bar for beer and refreshments afterwards ensued and it wasn't long before the Wolves trio had sniffed out the Leigh Miners Darts and Doms team remaining half time pies...circling the table, with snarling teeth and salivating tongues they ripped into the pie trays that only Wolves from Wigan can do!
Lee.jpegPugwash 30 minutes before the Wolves match.......Its a shame
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