Match Report

Dragons left their home for the first time this season passing through border control they entered the Pie in the sky PB.
Team news, Wolves at full strength Graham, Steve and Dennis. Dragons Chris, Gary and Malcovic with Lee and David sunny themselves abroad.
The Leyths didn't know what to expect never had the pleasure of playing these three wise old owls before.....
Off we go and 3-0 Dragons, Garfinious putting away Den, surprise on everyone's face and this continued when The Russian Rocket blasted Steve in the first 11-5.
Four nil up and PB went quiet. Big Bob Edwards was called in from the training room and that was that....Steve wins 3-1 followed by 3-0 win for Graham v Mr C..
Order restored but then upset again, Malcovic blasts off beating Den 3 on 7-6 to Dragons.........then that was it 3-0...3-0...3-0...3-0...3-0...3-0...24-7 Wolves.
9-30pm game finished....Captain Garfin shook hands with the Jubilant Wolves team as they howled in tune to American Pie.
Later in a radio interview from the Canal Turn bar Garfin said " we looked good then poor but its not life or death its just wiff waff or ping pong or three nil three nil three nil " and then the interview was terminated with Garfin crying in his pint of Guinbo.....always next week!!!
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