Match Report

Good evening and welcome to the Leyth Arena were LSG Slayers take on LSG Dragons, my name is John Motson and you are listening to Radio Leyth ART50.
Team news just in...Injured T. Dootson and missing in action R.Bannister miss out leaving the Slayers with Captain Crielly, D Morris and the youngster A Davies.
Dragons ...G Chadwick, L Smith and making his debut the Russian Rocket M Rumsey with Captain C Garfin and D Mawdesley put out to graze for this derby.
Rumsey up and running 2 nil and cruising but real ale Morris fights back 2-2. "The unexpected is always likely to happen in this game". Malcovic wins 3-2.
Captain Crielly on the ropes as Chadwick puts him away 3-1 in a close contest. " For those watching in black and white Chadwick is in red".
The youngster Davies struggling early on against the six million dollar man but it's Davies who reboots and somehow comes back. " It's so exciting we're talking at the same time for the first time ever !"
Crielly in front, no it's level, Rumsey ahead, no level again, Rumsey is coming from behind in more than one way and wins 3-2.
Welcome back after that Brown's DIY commercial. We join it with Morris & Smith all square two all."The game is nicely balanced in Smith's favour. Lee wins 3-2.....14 -10 to Dragons.
" Not the first half you might have expected, even though the score might suggest that it was".
Doubles Crielly / Davies cruise to an impressive victory 3-0 and the points they won made such a difference to the way the game went.
Davies follows that with an outstanding display putting away Chadwick in four. " This match has become unpredictable, but it still looks as though Dragons will win".
Slayers take the lead for the first time 16 - 15.....
Lee Majors regains the lead for Dragons beating Captain Crielly in three and this game just like a falling oak, manages to change direction. Anyone's NOW!!!
Young Davies in fine form blasting away the Russian Rocket Malcovic into space three nil and counting." This has become a one show except there are two men involved Davies and Morris and a third Captain Crielly".
The final game of the night 19-18 to Slayers and they are 10 minutes away from their finest victory unless it takes 20 minutes. It's five past eleven here going into the last, what a game of two halves.
It's a ding dong with the ping pong at two all and still every result possible except a Dragon win. Morris keeps his cool like pint of Blonde Witch to take the fifth and the match 22-20.
What a victory fully deserved and young Davies takes the MoM award....
Suddenly the lights have gone out and I'm facing a large Bull Terrier ....You don't get this in football....HELP !!!
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