Match Report

The new season begins at the new look Leyth Miners ballroom ( new blinds, old curtains gone ) it looks a lot brighter but would the TT live up to the look?
Team news for Dragons:- Owdmon (still going) Galeforce and Lee Majors and Titans:- Lynda & Coleen Nolan and Owdmon's long lost twin Newmon Goulden.
The newly rebuilt Lee Majors opens up the new season with a great win in the fifth over the Newmon .......excellent start in this tight contest.
Young Nolan brought it level out hitting Galeforce in the fifth in yet another cracker...what a start the crowd overwhelmed as the tempo quickened.
Owdmon back to his best saw off Nolan the Elder in four to give the Dragons a shock 8 - 6 lead this was extended when Galeforce beat Newmon in yet another five setter.
The Elder saw off Majors in...yes another five setter...what a great first five matches of the season 13-11 to Dragons.
Unfortunately Dragons fire ran out as the Titans grew in strength and power. The Nolan Sisters saw off Owdmon & Galeforce in three to take the lead.
Owdmon didn't give in to the Classy Callum but just came up short losing in five.
Wayne out spun Garfin to take it 3-1 .... the twins played a fast hitting game which Owdmon took 3-1...scores on the doors 21-19 to Titans
Could Lee Majors make it six million dollar last game for the Dragons to snatch an unlikely victory...No he was up against a player on top form Classy Callum took it in his stride 3-0 to give victory to The Titans 24 - 19 in this outstanding local derby.
Nolan the Elder spoke on Talk Sport after the game.....what a victory...who did we son was outstanding...where's my we are not going to Kentucky...its time for bed...tuck me in Callum....good night.
Written by:David Mawdesley
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