Archdale Cup - Use of substitutes
"The Archdale Organising Committee would like to clarify that the substitution rule for the Archdale
1. ANY registered player with a handicap within a club can be a substitute for any team within the same club.
2. There is NO requirement for a team to inform their opponents that a substitute is being used.
3. In order to provide maximum flexibility for teams to complete their cup fixtures with 3 players for each match, the Organising Committee, for the remainder of this season's competition, will waive the requirement to be informed of and approve each use of a substitute. In order to ensure the fairness in the use of substitutes, the Organising Committee will monitor the use of substitutes and if they perceive that a team/club have used substitutes unfairly reserve the right to take whatever actions as they deem appropriate.
4. When playing as a substitute, the player match results will be taken into account when assessing handicaps."
Author: via Weston-Super-Mare Table Tennis League
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