Application and subs from clubs wishing to take part in the League must be  received by the  Fixtures Secretary by the 31st August
2.1  A team league competition may be played in one or more divisions.
2.2  The divisions may be based on merit, decided upon by the Management Committee.
2.3If the league comprises of two or more divisions then the team finishing top of the
lower division will replace the team finishing bottom of the higher division, in the
following season
3.1No player may be registered for more than  one constituent club at any one time
3.2All players must be registered by 1st September.  Additional players may be
registered throughout the season, however, full name, date of birth and full address 
must accompany the scorecard.
3.3Only a player who is on an equal or lower current handicap can replace a player.
Substituting limited to one per match  A replacement player may only play up to two
matches in a full season for any one team.  A player who does not have a handicap
cannot be used as a replacement or be replaced until such time as he has played 2
matches and has been given a provisional handicap by the Committee
3.4The transfer of registration from one constituent club to another is the prerogative of
 the Management Committee
3.5Any players wishing to play for the first time after the 31st December will require the
Management Committee's permission
4.1Each team will play one home match and one away match against each other in the
same division during the season
4.2All matches will comprise of nine sets of singles and three sets of doubles, a set
being the best of five games.  A game shall be won by the player or pair first scoring
11 points unless both the player or pairs score 10 points when the game is then won 
by the first player or pair subsequently scoring a lead of 2 clear points.  Serves
shall then be alternate
4.3Each game in a set will be valued at one point
4.4In the event of a withdrawal of a team from the league competition all of the results of
that team's matches shall be declared void
4.5A team is to consist of 3 players who will play the nine sets of singles and may play 
the 3 sets of doubles.  A fourth player may be included who will play all three
doubles sets only, with each of the three singles players in order.  The fourth
player in the doubles sets must be nominated before the start of the match
4.6When teams are tied on points the results of the matches between those teams will
be used to determine the league position
5.1Teams shall be drawn by chance on a home and away basis
5.2Players may only play for one team
5.3The format will be published annually
6.1All team matches shall be played in accordance with the rules of table tennis as
ratified byTable Tennis England.
6.2In all team matches any item of player's clothing shall be of uniform colour other than
Any dispute or protest to be forwarded to the Management Committee (via the Team
 Secretary) for their deliberation.  Their decision to be adjudged final
In all cases opponents and the Team Secretary shall receive a minimum of 24 hours
notice of postponement.  It is the duty of the team cancelling the match and not the
opponents to arrange a new date as quickly as possiblke and to notify the Team 
Teams failing to arrive for a fixture and failing to give notice as described above
should be aware that the Management Committee will decide how to resolve the
position from the following
a.order that the game should be played
b.Award 36-0 walkover to the offenders opponents
c.Allocate a match score based upon a previous meeting between the team in
d.Decide upon an alternative remedy
Any team that has 3 or more outstanding fixtures at any stage of the season may be
expelled from the League for that season and no repayment of league fees shall be
repayable.  This will apply except in unforeseen exceptional circumstances as
determined by the Committee.
9.1It is the responsibility of the home team to supply the scorecard
9.2The home team shall be the first to declare their team order
9.3The away team captain to endorse the scorecard to indicate his acceptance of the
completion of the match
9.4The scorecards must be despatched by the home team's captain to the Team 
Secretary to reach her within 7 days - failure to do this will result in a 2 point
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