Handicap Knock Out Cup Tournament 

2018-2019 Season(21 up)


This season the tournament will be run the same as last year, ensuring most teams play at least three matches before the quarter final stages of the competition.

Cup Rules 

1. The League will be divided into 4 boxes each consisting of 4 or 5 teams with at least one from the first division and one from the second division.

2. Each team in each box will play each other once under normal team handicap rules with the points scoring system applying. There can be no void matches at boxes stage.

3. The box winners will be that team scoring the highest points difference from all of its matches. The box runners up will be that team scoring the second highest points difference from all of its matches. 

4. The box winners and runners up will progress to a knockout quarter final, quarter final winners to a semi final and the winning semi finalists to a final.

5. The composition of the boxes will be drawn randomly by The Committee and teams notified accordingly with each team allocated a box.

6. The box matches and quarter finals will be played as designated on the fixtures table. Home teams at the quarter finals stage will be those teams finishing as runners up in their box.

7. Semi finals and final will be played  as per the chart and in your fixture book.  The Final will be played on a neutral table. A coin will be tossed to decide the home teams at the semi final stages of the tournament. The decision of the management committee in all matters will be final. 

8. Trophies will be awarded to the winners and runners up of the Knock Out Cup final .



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