Saturday Morning Coaching

Saturday coaching restarts on 5th September.

We would like to divide the 2 sessions differently to balance numbers. If this doesn't suit you please let me know & we will adjust wherever possible.

10.00am - 11.30 am   - Daniel Field                     Freddie
                                        Wojciech                          Nathan Brazier
                                        Charlie Lazarus               Jess Westcott
                                        Charly Sly                         Luke Westcott
                                        Josh Bale                          Alex Wagner

                                        Fu                                     Jack Lancaster

11.30am - 1.00pm    -  Joe Camp                         Benjamin Forster
                                       Jasper Pye                        Andrew Burt
                                       Joseph Burt                      Ellie Baker
                                       Kieran Hurford               Kyla Stothard
                                       Duncan Stothard            Rupert Forster
                                       Toby Court                       Connor Graddon

                                       Ryan Graddon 

Sessions will be designed to progress players through a coaching programme between 5th September & Christmas. Each session will comprise knock up time , warm up , coaching exercises and competitive play. Awards will be held weekly by competition leaders.

Perhaps you could let me know whether or not the above suits you.

Many thanks

Martyn Summerell

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