1 Name

The league shall be called the West Cornwall Table Tennis League

 2 Objects

To encourage the playing of League table tennis in the Central and West Cornwall areas and to act as the controlling body.

 3 Constitution

The League shall consist of the President, Vice President, Elected Officers, Members Clubs and Registered Individuals.

 4 Membership

(a) Membership shall be open to any club in the Central and West Cornwall areas, at the discretion of the League Committee.

(b) Member clubs shall be permitted to enter any number of teams, at the discretion of the League Committee.

 5 Subscriptions (or affiliation fees)

(a)     The Annual Subscription shall be as follows: for each team entered by any club the fee payable to the CCTTA and West Cornwall League.

(b)    The annual subscriptions shall be payable no later than the 15th October and if not paid by the 31st October the guilty club may be liable to a fine imposed by the League Committee.

(c)     The Annual Subscriptions may be revised only at an Annual General Meeting.

(d)    Failure to remit Subscriptions may render a club liable at the discretion of the League Committee to have its fixtures declared void, and to have the club and its members barred from any competition or tournament run by the League, County Association or National Association.

(e)     A further fee of £5 shall be paid by each team as a guarantee which may be returned at the end of the season on the satisfactory completion of fixtures and after deduction of any outstanding fines.

 6 Officers

The Officers of the League shall be President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer Results Secretary, Complaints Secretary, Press Officer, Safeguarding and Welfare officer and County Representative. All Officers shall retire annually but shall be eligible for    re-election.

 7 Committee

The affairs of the League shall be controlled by a League Committee which shall consist of the Officers of the League plus as many additional members as there were divisions during the previous season. These additional members to be elected at the Annual General Meeting. League Committee meetings shall be convened as and when deemed necessary by the Secretary, who shall give the Committee members fourteen days’ notice. Five members present, including at least one from the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

 8 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the League shall be held not later than the 30th September in any year and shall be open to all League Committee members and members of registered League clubs. Voting at an Annual General Meeting shall be on the basis of each club having one vote for each team it had in membership the season preceding, providing at least one member of any team voting is present. The last date the League Secretary must be notified for alterations to the Rules should be 15th July.


9 Special General Meetings

The Secretary will call a General Meeting within two weeks of

(a)  A decision of the Committee (this decision to be upheld by a majority vote) or

(b) Upon receipt of a resolution (excluding rule changes) signed by the Club Secretaries of at least one-third of the clubs currently forming the West Cornwall Table Tennis League.

The sole matter for discussion at this meeting will be the resolution put forward, and voting at the Meeting will be the same as at an Annual General Meeting.

 10 Banking account

The financial year of the League shall end on 30th June each year. The accounts of the League, which will be Independently Examined (using Charity Commission guidelines) by a suitable member of the League who is not a bank signatory, shall be presented at each Annual General Meeting. The funds of the League will be lodged at a bank and all cheques drawn on the account shall be signed by any two authorised signatories, who shall be Treasurer, Chairman, Secretary and others as decided by the League Committee.

 11   Player Registration and Table Tennis England Membership

Clubs must register all teams with the membership secretary by 1 September, or within one week of the AGM, whichever is the later. Clubs must also ensure all individual players are registered with TTE and a confirmed team list has been provided to the membership secretary by 15th Sept. Failure to do so may render the club liable to a fine which shall not exceed £5 per player not registered.

a)      Every player registered will be allocated to a team generally in accordance with each player’s ranking which shall be subject to the approval of the League Committee. A player may play for a team out of his/her ranked position in special circumstances at the discretion of the committee by prior arrangement.

b)      Players may be promoted in accordance with Rule 12b.

c)       For practical or personal reasons a player may at times be permitted to register for a lower team than that which their ability would dictate they be registered. Such circumstances shall be agreed by the player, the club, and the League, prior to the commencement of each season (i.e. that the player is clearly playing out of ranked order), and that player shall not then be permitted to play up for a higher team without prior consent of the Results Secretary.

d)      Additional players may be registered during the course of the season by the club or the individual registering their details with TTE and providing the membership secretary with the new players names and their TTE membership number.

These details will be ratified by the Results Secretary before permission may be granted. The new player may play as soon as permission is granted by the Results Secretary and Table Tennis England individual membership has been completed directly or commitment to pay via the club has been completed.

e)      A player may only play for the club for which he or she is registered.

f)       A player may transfer to another club. The player’s new club will notify the Results Secretary of the transfer giving name, position in ranking list and team. The player may not represent his/her new club until 14 days after the date of the revised submission.

g)      Each club shall pay to the League a Registration Fee on behalf of every player it registers. The fee may be decided only at an Annual General Meeting. Additionally, clubs shall pay to the League the Table Tennis England Individual Player Membership fees for their registered members who had not already obtained their Table Tennis England membership directly from Table Tennis England or via another League. These fees shall be payable not later than the 31st October or a player's results will be declared void until such fees are paid.

 12  Promotion and  relegation of players

Where a club has more than one team entered in the League, the following shall apply:

(a)  The teams shall be distinguished by the letters ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ etc in order of seniority, the ‘A’ team being the senior.

(b)   Players may play up as many times as required at the Committee's discretion.
(c)  No player may be relegated to a lower team without the notification to, and approval of the Results Secretary. This must be at least seven days before any match is played.

(d) No relegated player may play for more than one team from the same club in any period of seven days.

 13  Tournaments, etc

All competitors must be fully paid up registered members of both the West Cornwall Table Tennis League and Table Tennis England, however the Committee shall have the power to hold tournaments from time to time which shall accept non-registered players. An example of such a tournament is the Alan Knight Tournament 

 14 League procedure

The League shall, at the discretion of the League Committee, be divided into Divisions, except that no division shall number more than fourteen teams. The allocation of teams as to their divisions shall be decided by the League Committee, who shall take all promotion and relegation issues into account. Promotion and relegation will normally be two up and two down but the decision in all cases will be at the discretion of the League Committee who shall take into consideration the strength of each team. Divisions shall be in descending order: a Premier Division, then a First Division, then other Divisions as numbers and conditions dictate.

If a team that wins promotion does not wish to play in a higher division for any reason, then the leading two players of that team will not be allowed to play together in the same team in the following season.

15 Match procedure

(a)     All League Matches to be played under TABLE TENNIS ENGLAND Approved Laws.


(b)    Each team shall consist of a minimum of three players, who shall be grouped as three singles players and two doubles players. Each singles player shall play each singles player of the opposing team one set, making nine sets of singles, and one set of doubles shall also be played, making a total of ten sets on which the match shall be scored. The doubles players may be two of the singles players, or one or two additional players may be brought in if desired, providing all conditions of registration as laid down in Rule 11 are observed. Each set shall be the best of five games. Practice times should be limited to 2 minutes before each set. Responsibility for this shall lie with the home team captain

(c)     One point per set, making a total of ten points, shall be awarded for each match. Each team shall score one point for each set it wins.

(d)    All club premises shall be open and ready for play by 6.45pm. All matches shall commence by 7.00pm. If the home team is not represented at the match venue by 7.00pm, the opposing team in each case may register a complaint in accordance with Rule 18, but shall not refuse to play the match. The home team shall have practice time prior to 6.50pm, and the away team shall have practice time from 6.50pm to 7.00pm. Should either team not be present at those times, practice time shall be forfeited.  For valid reasons only, should a club be unable to access its premises by 6.45pm, it shall be able to request a later commencement time. This should be notified to the League via the relevant entry forms at the commencement of each season. The away team shall not have the power to refuse any request for a later match start time under these circumstances, which must be agreed by the League Committee. A minimum of two players shall be present in any one team within 30 minutes of the start time to constitute a legitimate fixture. If the third player has not arrived by 8.30pm, then that player shall forfeit his games to the opposing team, unless his late arrival has been already agreed upon by the respective team captains.

 (e)     If two players are not present within 30 minutes of the start time, the match shall be declared void and treated as a postponement

(f)     The team captains shall exchange the names of their players and their order of playing before any match shall start. The sets shall then be played in the following order: 1 v 1  2 v 2  3 v 3  1 v 2   2 v 3  3 v 1  1 v 3  2 v 1  3 v 2  doubles. In the case of a team playing a match on more than one table, the above order shall be adhered to as far as possible, although no player shall be obliged to play twice in succession.

(g)     Scorecards shall be signed by both team captains in the presence of each other and shall be forwarded by the Home Team Captain to the Results Secretary. The Results Secretary shall receive all cards within FOUR days of the match being played. Instances of late scorecards shall be brought before the Committee by the Results Secretary and persistent late submission of scorecards may render a team liable to a points deduction equal to the number of points gained in the relevant matches, and / or a fine, at the discretion of the Results Secretary but which shall not exceed £10. Any fines shall be issued to, and payable by, the club.

(h)    The home team shall be responsible for:

· supplying the balls, which shall be any ball currently approved by the TABLE TENNIS ENGLAND

· arranging for umpires for each game

· supplying adequate match refreshments.

(i)      A team is permitted to play with two players, however the Committee reserves the right to impose a points deduction and / or a fine on any team who does not field a full contingent of players. Any such fine shall be at the discretion of the League Committee but shall not exceed £10 in any one season. Any fines shall be issued to, and payable by, the club.

(j)      The home team shall be responsible for providing equipment of a suitable standard for league play. This shall include the table, balls, the net, lighting, and general facilities. Scoreboards are recommended but are not compulsory. Where used, scoreboards shall not take the place of verbal scoring, the umpire shall say the score audibly for both players and spectators to hear.

(k)     All players shall wear appropriate footwear.

(l)      Each team shall inform the League Secretary before the commencement of any season of which particular day in any week is most suitable for its home matches. That day shall then be that team’s home match night. No further notification than the knowledge of that day shall be required by any visiting team.

(m)   In the event of two or more teams tying on points the winning team shall be deemed to be:- The team winning most matches, or if equal the team losing least matches, or if equal the team having the better record in matches played between the respective teams. In the event of teams still having identical records any Divisional Championship will be decided by a play-off on a neutral table. The play-off shall be governed by League Rules and the winner will be the first team to win five sets.

(n)    Individual playing records and averages will be published at the end of each season. In order to qualify for inclusion, a player will have played in a minimum of 66% of his teams fixtures.

16   Postponement of matches

All matches must be played by the end of the week following the week stipulated in the handbook, however matches can be brought forward if agreed by both team captains. Postponements will only be agreed in extreme circumstances and not due to non-availability of players. Players from a lower team will be expected to play up if required. Teams shall be under no obligation to agree to a request for a postponement. It is expected that agreement shall be reached by the two teams in regard to any additional financial costs incurred by the team agreeing to the postponement. The team deemed innocent by the League Committee in any un-played match shall receive adjudicated points in accordance with the committee’s judgement and taking into account the previous result between the two teams during the season, but shall receive not less than six points. Five points will be deducted from any team which postpones a match giving less than 24 hours notice.

 17 Withdrawal of any team

Should any team withdraw from the League after acceptance of its entry form, a fine, not exceeding £5 may be imposed on the parent club and all fees paid in respect of that team forfeited. At the point of withdrawal should the team have more than five matches outstanding, its results shall be deleted from the divisional records. If five or less are outstanding, they shall be adjudicated by the League Committee.

 18  Complaints

(a)     All complaints must be forwarded to the Complaints Secretary within one week of the incident. Complaints may be made in writing or verbally, provided the complainant confirms to the Complaints Secretary that they wish the matter to be treated as an official complaint.

(b)    The Complaints Secretary shall receive all complaints. Where the complaint involves another party the Complaints Secretary shall request that party’s version of events and shall also obtain any independent witnesses version of events, then convey all relevant information to the League Committee at the next scheduled Committee meeting. Should a penalised team or player feel unjustly treated, then an appeal may be made back to the League Committee.

 19  Penalties

(a)     Any breach of the above Rules may render the offending team or player liable to the loss of points or suspension respectively, and any breach of any clause under Rules 5, 11, 12, 15, 16 and 17 may render the offending club liable to a fine not exceeding £10. All fines imposed on any club must be paid in full before the date of the following Annual General Meeting or application for membership of the League by that club shall be refused.

(b)    Any team that has been considered by the Results Secretary to have contravened the rules as set out in Rule 19 (a) shall be notified of the contravention within 7 days of the offence. The notification shall state the nature of the offence, the rule contravened and the possible penalty. All penalties shall be decided by the League Committee.

 20   Appeals

An appeal against any League Committee decision must be made in writing to the Results Secretary within 14 days of receipt of the original League’s decision. The offending party/parties shall have the right to be heard at the next scheduled League meeting and may represented by one other from the same club.

 21   Disciplinary

The Committee will have the power to censure a member, or require an undertaking in such terms as the Committee may decide. Incidences of foul language and / or behaviour likely to bring the league into disrepute will not be tolerated by the Committee. Where a complaint received under Rule 18 has been proven, and upheld by the Committee, for a first offence a verbal or written warning may be given, for subsequent offences the Committee may suspend the member from membership of the league. Should however any offence be considered to be of such a nature warranting suspension, the Committee shall have the right to suspend the member with immediate effect.

22  Handbook

(a)     The League shall publish annually at the start of each season a handbook containing the following information

· The names, addresses and telephone numbers of all officers and other appointments

· Full details of the member clubs and of each team entered by each club.

· The full League Rules

· Fixture details for the coming season

· Final division tables of the previous season

· Records of past divisional champions

 (b)    Each club shall receive one handbook, free of charge, for each member for whom a registration fee has been paid.


23  Other matters

Any matters arising which are not provided for in these Rules shall be dealt with by the League Committee, whose decision shall be final.


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