We value the contribution made by all those who undertake table tennis coaching and other voluntary work with children and young people in West Cornwall. They have the support of the League Committee and access to training and resources. To protect them in their work, to safeguard the children in their care and in line with the TABLE TENNIS ENGLAND Safeguarding policy:-

Each club will appoint a Club Welfare Officer who will be the first point of contact for volunteers, parents and children/young people where concerns about children’s welfare, poor practice or child abuse are identified. This duty, and the rest of this policy is not open to individual interpretation, either by that person or any other.

 Any person volunteering to have dealings with young people will have to be approved by their Club’s Committee, be subject to the constraints of this policy and be prepared to undergo any necessary DBS (Disclosure and barring Service) procedure required by the TABLE TENNIS ENGLAND at the time. They will be expected to complete the necessary DBS application and declaration forms.  A list of those approved persons will be held safely and confidentially by the League and kept up to date by the League’s Welfare Officer.

Only persons who have the prior agreement of a child’s parent/carer or who are on the League approved list of volunteers/helpers may take responsibility for or give lifts to any child or young person.

Every adult engaged in any activity with children or young people must ensure that there is at least one other adult present or nearby at all times. (This is as much for the protection of adults as for children.)

Casual visitors should not have access to children without the presence of the adult responsible for the group. Casual visitors must not accompany children to the toilet.

There will be effective management and monitoring of those whom the League Committee know may pose a threat to children and other vulnerable groups.

All persons working with young people should meet with the Club Welfare Officer to read and openly discuss the implications of the TABLE TENNIS ENGLAND policy at least once every two years.

Knowing that children and young people choose those in whom they might confide with care, and being aware that they might well not choose one of the persons on the League approved list, as many people as possible and in any event, all members of the League Committee, shall be made aware of the TABLE TENNIS ENGLAND policy document and as much as is relevant of the document itself so that they are aware of their responsibilities

 We will:-

1.      Display the child- line telephone number and details of how to contact the Welfare Officer

2.      Always take what a child tells us seriously and always accept what they are saying in the first instance.

3.      Not ask leading questions or push for further information.

4.      Not promise confidentiality because it is highly likely that someone else will have to be told.

5.      Reassure the child that they have done the right thing in telling.

6.      Discuss what is to be done next including your own responsibility in perhaps having to tell someone else.

7.      Make careful notes of the conversation a soon as possible, recording in particular the DATE, TIME AND LOCATION and whether OTHER PEOPLE were present.

8.      Pass the information to

Children’s Services Team in the area where the child lives or the Police immediately (if the young person is in immediate risk of harm) if physical or sexual abuse is alleged or disclosed. It should be made clear that a child protection referral is being made.

Also inform the Club Welfare Office, League Safeguarding Officer and the TABLE TENNIS ENGLAND Safeguarding Manager if the alleged abuse has taken place while the young person was under the care of the League or club or the alleged abuser is a table tennis coach or volunteer.

If there are concerns about the behaviour of a child or that of a volunteer or coach consult the TABLE TENNIS ENGLAND Safeguarding Manager to discuss these concerns.

 9.  Provide as appropriate, support for all parents and families in the table tennis fraternity, being aware particularly of parents whose children have suffered abuse.

10. Ensure that all our work with children and young people is adequately covered by insurance                                                                    

11.  Review this policy annually and update if necessary.

Finally the safety, suitability and cleanliness of premises in which children will play table tennis should be considered by the League Committee before allowing places to be used as venues for playing table tennis under the auspices of the West Cornwall Table Tennis League

Details of the TABLE TENNIS ENGLANDs Safeguarding policy and guidelines may be found at

Contact Numbers

There is a single point of contact which replaces all the separate social service numbers. 

This number is 07507 860034

Judy Rogers TABLE TENNIS ENGLAND Safeguarding Manager


David Hatcher West Cornwall Table Tennis League Safeguarding Officer


Tel: mob – 07877 705754




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