AGM voting and webinar

W&H TTL webinar, Wednesday 9 September 2020



The Secretary said that, owing to the logistical difficulties of holding a physical AGM during a period of social distancing, the Management Committee had decided to conduct the business of the AGM – the distribution of the reports and voting on the resolutions – by e-mail. In addition, this webinar was being held to provide members with the opportunity to ask questions of the Committee in the way that would normally have been available at a regular AGM. 

The Secretary reported that over 60% of the available votes had been received and that all of the nine resolutions had been carried unanimously, including approval of the Management Committee Report, the Accounts, the Rule changes and the re-appointment of the President, Vice-Presidents, Chairman,Committee Members and Auditor.


NS: What is the current situation with regards the resumption of League competitions?

W&HTTL: At present, there is little prospect of a full season for 2020/21 being completed. The Committee is exploring the possibility of running a more informal handicap league in the autumn and/or the summer. There is a problem with the availability of venues within the League area, however. Whitefriars will not be available until January at the earliest and several clubs do not have access to their venues. In addition, many players are unable or unwilling to return to competitive play at this stage.

If the League is able to arrange competitions, there will be strict requirements upon host clubs and players to abide by UK government and Table Tennis England guidelines for the safety of all participants.

TS: Would players be required to sign a liability waivers?

W&HTTL: this is a matter for the host clubs and not for the League. If the host clubs require such a waiver then the players should provide this; the League will not ask for waivers to play in its competitions.

HB: Will promotions and relegations from the 2019-20 season be honoured?

W&HTTL: The intention is that, as and when a full League can be restarted, the existing divisional structure will be maintained, including the promotions and relegations from the season just ended. Added to the uncertainty about when this might be, there is also the unknown of how many teams would be entering and therefore how the divisions would be comprised.

HB: IfSport may be able to find a temporary venue but would require league-standard tables to play matches there. Would the League or any clubs be able to lend them?

W&HTTL: The League’s tables are currently in storage at Whitefriars and we do not know if we would be able to get hold of them. Any loans would be on a temporary basis under a written agreement. IFSport (or any other club) is invited to get in touch with the Committee with any proposals or requests.

J-MA: Are other leagues in the UK experiencing the same problems?

W&HTTL: Yes, they certainly are, although each league is different in terms of the scope of its activities. The main problem is the availability of venues and, where play can take place, the reduction in capacity owing to social distancing. So nationally-organised competitions have already been cancelled and the outlook for leagues nationwide is not particularly positive.

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