Wembley and Harrow TTL League final tables 2019-20

Wembley & Harrow TTL League final tables 2019/20

Owing to the prolonged suspension of the League due to the corona virus pandemic, the Management Committee took the decision on 2 July 2020 to formally terminate the 2019/20 season. At the time the League was suspended, all 65 teams had two or three matches remaining. After consideration of a range of solutions, the Committee agreed to use the ‘Adjusted Average’ method to determine the results of the outstanding matches. This method is described below and the following pages contain the ‘results’ which have been calculated for the unplayed matches using this method and the League tables which have arisen as a result.

The Adjusted Average method is based on the League table at the time the League was terminated, the results of matches not played has been calculated as follows: Team A: 4.5 + (Team A’s average points per game – Team B’s average points per game) Team B: 4.5 + (Team B’s average points per game – Team A’s average points per game) The results of these equations will be rounded up or down as appropriate such that the number of sets won by each team is a whole number and always totals to nine. Example: Division 2 - Oak & Willow Polska A 4.5 + (3.31 – 6.14) = 1.7; Kenton A 4.5 + (6.14 – 3.31) = 7.3 Final score: Oak & Willow Polska A 2 – 7 Kenton A

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