Whitefriars time extension agreed

Good news from Whitefriars – our Chairman Tony Dias has managed to get an extension of playing time on Monday and Thursday evenings ahead of the new season, allowing a little longer for matches and practice sessions, with no increased fees for clubs or players practicing.

The School has agreed to an extra half an hour on our booking for a trial period until the end of the year - so it's important that we keep them onside to enable the arrangement to continue into 2019. Thus the revised Whitefriars Protocol (accessed from the Information tab above) requires players to complete their matches or practice by 10.15pm, to allow for clearing the tables and barriers and vacating the premises by 10.30pm. We are sure everyone can work together to ensure the success of this arrangement.

Fifteen League teams will be using Whitefriars as their home venue, most of them on Thursdays. Thus whilst Monday practice remains unchanged, on Thursdays we are asking practice players to finish at 9.15pm to allow matches to go over to two tables if required. A £2 reduction will also apply on Thursdays for those practicing.

Further details are available from the new-look W&H external website at www.wembleyharrow.uktt.info

Please come along to Whitefriars for matches, practice or coaching and encourage your friends to do so too!


Author: via Wembley and Harrow Table Tennis League
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