Second Round Cup Competitions Fixtures and Results

Elvin Cup Second Round

Oshwal NW A  5-1  Sudbury Hill A

Maccabi A  5-3  Sudbury Hill B

Kenton B (BYE)

Apollo A (BYE)

Vagabonds A (BYE)

Vagabonds B (BYE)

Macaabi B (BYE)

O&W Polska A (BYE)


Elvin Junior Cup Second Round

Eastcote B  5-0  Microlease A (F)

Lowlands F  2-5  Hillingdon C

O&W Polska B  5-3  Lowlands G

Lowlands E  1-5  Headstone A

Lowlands H  5-1  Kenton E

Kenton C  5-0  Sudbury Hill C (F)

Sudbury Hill E (F)  0-5  Oshwal NW B

Vagabonds C (BYE)


Harry Finch Trophy Second Round

Eastcote F  5-0   Kenton G

IF Sport Harrow C  5-1  Lowlands L


Perivale B (BYE)

Hillingdon D (BYE)

Maccabi F (BYE)

IF Sport Spinners A (BYE)

Eastcote E (BYE)



(BYE) = Team was given a bye in to the next round.



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