The December rankings have been delayed until 12th December in order apply a number of improvements  to the engine.


The ranking list for Wembley & Harrow is now an additional feature on this website. Please carefully read all the explanatory notes on the right hand column. Every match that you play will count towards the ranking but will not show on the website until the 3rd day of the following month.

When you look at scorecards from last month you can see how many points you gained by beating a player and how many points you lost by losing. Additional points will be gained by beating somebody that is above you in the ranking list.

It will take many weeks, maybe even months, for the ranking list to reflect the true positions, as the starting point for each player is set by TTE and could be an area for much discussion.

I would encourage you NOT to contact me or any other committee member until it has been running for at least 2 months.

Many thanks Ron Bryant Record Secretary

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