5.            MATCHES

(a)   Matches must be played on the specified home night during the week commencing date given in the hand book, said matches to be played Monday to Friday only in any given week.


(b)  A match may not be postponed without the team requesting the postponement first obtaining the permission of the Divisional Secretary, who must be convinced that the postponement is unavoidable. Teams requesting a postponement MUST contact the Divisional Secretary and Team contact for the opposition directly, speaking to them in person, by telephone. Teams should not consider that sending an email, text or leaving a voice mail, sufficient in letting them know of the postponement. If this has not been possible, contact should be made through the League Secretary or relevant Club's general secretary, again speaking to them in person, whose details also appear in the handbook.

Penalty for non-observance is £10. Any team given permission to postpone a fixture may be liable for expenses incurred by their opponents.

(c)   If a match is postponed, it should be rearranged as soon as possible, and the Divisional Secretary informed.

(d)   If a team fails to comply with Rule 5(b) and without prior notice fails to attend a fixture see Rule 5(a), it will be fined £10 and have 6 points deducted from its total. The offending team will compensate the non-offending team up to a  maximum of £20 subject to the approval by the Management Committee.

(e)  Each year the Management committee will fix a date by which all league matches must be played. Failure to comply will result in the offending team or teams being fined £20 each.

(f)  A team will consist of three players who will each play every player in the opposing team ones singles (best of 5 games) and two  players from each team will play one doubles set. Each set will count one point, making ten points in all per match.

(g)  In the event of a team playing with only two players, or if any player does not complete their sets, such Un-played or unfinished sets will be awarded to the opposing team. Two players on each team will constitute a fixture (maximum points available being 7) and one player will not constitute a team.

 (h) Matches will start at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated in the Fixture List, or an alternative time has been approved between the teams; anyhow matches must start between 6.45pm and 7.45pm. 


(i) If no-one from the visiting team makes an appearance by 30 minutes after the appointed start time, the HOME TEAM are within their rights to leave the venue. The defaulting team will then be dealt with by the Committee.

(j)  The home team will provide a score card/sheet and clean approved Three Star balls, and is responsible for the card/sheet being fully completed. They will enter their players in order of play, first on the score card/ sheet. All forenames MUST be entered and all players in the doubles must be named, without fail.

Failure to comply will result in a £5 fine.  Umpiring: shall be shared by both teams.


(k) Matches will proceed in the order given on the score card/sheet without delay, unless otherwise agreed by the Team Captains.


(l)  The home team must send the match card/sheet (using a first class stamp) to the Divisional Secretary immediately after the match is played. Teams whose score sheet arrives more than 48 hours after the match will be fined £5 for the first offence and £10 for subsequent offences.

(m)  A player who arrives late will be allowed to play provided he/she arrives before all possible games are played.

(n)  Complaints concerning playing conditions should be made as follows:   

The visiting captain should inform the home captain of any objections to playing conditions and even if the complaint cannot be rectified the match must be completed. The complaint must then be forwarded to the Divisional Secretary in writing from the Club  Secretary/Chairman and not from the teams themselves for consideration by the Management Committee who may uphold the result or instruct the match to be replayed.

(o)  Rackets must be covered with bright red rubber one side and black rubber on the other.


(p)  Teams failing to complete previous season’s fixtures will be fined £20 and will not have an automatic entry to the League in a subsequent season. They must re-apply to the League and the Management Committee will decide on their application.


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