Division One

WDHA Royals 5 v Westfield A 5

Prior to this game mainly through fielding weakened sides, the current champions sat bottom of the table. As a consequence what seemed on paper a surprise result was far from the case, and the eagerly awaited contest between Virat Patel and Kevin Bird, the only 100% players did not materialise due to the absence of the former. Kevin Bird cruised to a treble without dropping a leg, but this was negated by Mike Ainsworth doing the exact opposite. Travis Holly edged out Shyam Bavalia 12-10 in the 5th but went down 5-11, 12-14, 7-11 and 4-11, 7-11, 11-9, 9-11 to Abin Islam and Mike Hawes respectively. This let the match dependent on the doubles and Bird and Holly gained the draw with a 9-11, 11-6, 112, 11-2 win over Bavalia and Hawes.

Chesterwell A 7 v Wanderers A 3

In arguably the best performance of the season the hosts gained a 7-3 victory over a strong Wanderers A outfit. Tony Wharton failed to register and with Graham Ellson, after winning out 11-9 in the 5th over Valdy Papiernik going down to Mike Pond and Stan Galkowski, it was left to Andy Law to steady the ship and he obliged with a good brace with 11-6, 11-8, 5-11, 9-11, 11-9 and 11-6, 11-6, 11-9 wins over Galkowski and Papiernik respectively. Star for the hosts was Mike Pond with his second successive treble, which surprisingly are the only ones registered to date for the home side.

Higham Harriers A 6 v Wanderers B 4

The only unbeaten side in the top division maintained their record by edging out a battling Wanderers side. After going down heavily to Steve Kendall in the opener, Mike Terry recovered well, being edged out 11-5 in the 5th by Ian Bird and winning out 11-5 in the 5th over Norman Wooster. Scott Dixon and Bob Hickson won out with surprising ease to ensure Wooster failed to register but couldn’t prevent Kendall and Bird gaining good trebles. However in a superb doubles performance Dixon joined with Terry to win out 11-13, 11-9, 11-9, 11-9 over Bird and Kendall.

Division Two  

Wanderers D 0 v Chesterwell B 10

Wanderers D are the latest team to suffer a whitewash at the hands of league leaders Chesterwell B who conclude their 1st. half of the season with an impressive 67 points total. Daniel Mann, Luke Hughes and Johnathon Driscoll all carded their usual trebles whilst Wanderers' Graham Babbage did well to take Johnathon to a 5th end in the only singles game to progress beyond 3 sets. Hughes & Mann finally defeated Babbage & Roger Ellingham in the doubles but surprisingly managed to drop a set on the way. 

Chesterwell C 7 v Westfield B 3

Chesterwell's Maxine Shears was back to top form this week with a great maximum and with good support from Stuart Coles' double and Clare Coles' single, led her team to a good 7-3 home win. David Rogers stood out for the visitors with a good double and Tim Mason added a further single win. Maxine & Clare saw off Rogers & Mason in the concluding doubles and Chesterwell now regain their 3rd place in the league table. 

Old Grammarians A 2 v Stanwick VHTTC 8

Stanwick's 7th successive victory sees them slip back a couple of points and they now find themselves 5 points behind the league leaders but they still have that all important game in hand. Ian Baldock and Graham Taylor continued their fine run of maximums and have now recorded 13 between them whilst a struggling Geoff Neville could only add a single win to their 6 point singles haul. Mick Ball played some great table tennis for the hosts taking a set off both Baldock and Taylor on his way to his single win and Martyn Reeves added a further single win of his own. Stanwick's two maximum men secured their team's 8th point of the evening with a straight sets doubles victory over Ball & Reeves.

Wanderers C 7 v Higham Harriers B 3

The Wanderers gained their 2nd victory of the season with this good 7-3 home win  against the Harriers who having failed to win a single match this season, are starting to look in a bit of trouble, being only one place off the foot of the table. James Findlay fired a great treble for the hosts and was well supported with 2 wins from Tony Wallis and a single from Maurice Jones whilst the Harriers' Neil Stevens replied with a good double of his own to go with a single win from Katie Hicks. Findlay & Wallis secured their team's 7th point with a 4 set doubles victory over Stevens & Katie Hicks.

Division Three

Old Grammarians C 10 v WDHA Rising Stars D 0

All sets were over in three ends barring one, where Swati Jethwa put Roger Fleming under pressure, 12-10, 4-11, 12-10, 8-11 and losing 3-11 in the final game. Hat tricks for Fleming, David Hatherall and Adrian Howes with Hatherall scoring a rare set against Keshav Parekh winning every point possible and the home team also won the doubles 11-2, 11-6, 11-2.

Westfield C 8 v Higham Band B 2

Band paid the price this week with a weakened side, going down to Westfield C 2-8. Deirdre Kiziak won the two points and with only 2 players lost the rest. Stuart Holroyd, never conceded an end and a point each for Asish Nandi and Jay Rogers. Rogers came close to defeating Kiziak but bowed out in the 5th end. The doubles finished 11-6, 12-10,11-13, and 11-1 to Holroyd/Rogers which moved Westfield a little closer to the top spot.

WDHA Rising Stars D 0 v WDHA Challengers B 10

Challengers find themselves in top spot this week after a complete whitewash of their club mates. Daniel Bain, Hubert Malenda, and Kavish Dodhia all scored fine hat tricks. There were a number of ends from all opposing players where the score was close making for a good contest and offering hope for the future.

WDHA Raj Riders C 5 v Old Grammarians C 5

Old Gramms were knocked from their perch this week by lower ranked Raj Riders. Dave Hatherall was the only unbeaten player and with two points from Alan Hill all was set for a good victory. Unfortunately they were the only points scored by them as Roger Fleming although coming close on a number of occasions failed to register. Akash Kumar had a good night for the Riders, winning twice including the scalp of Hill 11-9, 13-15, 11-5, 13-11. Paresh Shah and Aum Lakhani both won one point each and all was set for the doubles to equalise. Lakhani/Kumar took on Hatherall/Fleming to win 11-8, 6-11, 11-9 and 11-8.

Wanderers E 4 v Chesterwell D 6

Caspian Wagner despite some close rally's remained the only unbeaten player in this match. Chesterwells' Duncan Wright supported well with 2 points, losing to Steve Hoole in 3 ends. Gordon Campbell failed to score giving Wanderers an opening.  Hoole did the best winning 2 points, but both David May and Derek Shears with a single point apiece which left the doubles to equal the score. Shears/Hoole v Wagner/Wright Chesterwell came away on top by winning 11-8 in the 4th end.                        


Division 1

WDHA Royals 5 (Shyam Bavalia, Abin Islam 2, Mike Hawes 2)

Westfield A 5 (Kevin Bird 3, Travis Holly, doubles Bird/Holly)

Higham Harriers A 6 (Steve Kendall 3, Ian Bird 3)

Wanderers B 4 (Mike Terry, Bob Hickson, Scott Dixon, doubles Terry/Dixon)

Chesterwell A 7 (Valdy Papiernik, Mike Pond 3, Stan Galkowski 2, doubles Pond/Galkowski)

Wanderers A 3 (Graham Ellson, Andy Law 2)

Division 2

Wanderers D 0

Chesterwell B 10 (Daniel Mann 3, Johnathon Driscoll 3, Luke Hughes 3, doubles Mann/Hughes)

Chesterwell C 7 (Stuart Coles 2, Clare Coles, Maxine Shears 3, doubles C Coles/Shears)

Westfield B 3 (Dave Rogers 2, Tim Mason)

Old Grammarians A 2 (Mick Ball, Martyn Reeves)

Stanwick VHTTC 8 (Ian Baldock 3, Geoff Neville, Graham Taylor 3, doubles Baldock/Taylor)

Wanderers C 7 (Tony Wallis 2, Maurice Jones, James Findlay 3, doubles Wallis/Findlay)

Higham Harriers B 3 (Katie Hicks, Neil Stevens 2)


Division 3

Old Grammarians C 10 (Roger Fleming 3, David Hatherall 3, Adrian Howes 3, doubles Hatherall/Howes)

WDHA Rising Stars D 0

Westfield C 8 (Jay Rogers, Stuart Holroyd 2, Asish Nandi 2, doubles Rogers/Holroyd + 3 points by default)

Higham Band B 2 (Deirdre Kiziak 2)

WDHA Rising Stars D 0 

WDHA Challengers B 10 (Daniel Bain 3, Hubert Malenda 3, Kavish Dodhia 3, doubles Malenda/Dodhia)

WDHA Raj Riders C 5 (Akash Kumar 2, Paresh Shah, Aum Lakhani, doubles Kumar/Lakhani)

Old Grammarians C 5 (Dave Hatherall 3, Alan Hill 2)

Wanderers E 4 (David May, Derek Shears, Steve Hoole 2)

Chesterwell D 6 (Caspian Wagner 3, Duncan Wright 2, doubles Wagner/Wright)


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