Week 8 Report 26th November

Division One 

Thrapston 3 v Chesterwell A 7

Chesterwell A, surprisingly languishing at the foot of the table, helped by an infusion of youth in the shape of Daniel Mann earned a hard fought 7-3 victory. For the hosts, the in-form Pete Briggs opened strongly in a 7-11, 11-8, 10-12, 11-8, 11-3 victory over Valdy Papiernik but was edged out by Mann 3-11 in the 5th and well beaten by Mike Pond, who gained a superb treble. For the hosts, Chris Warliker performed excellently, depriving Mann of a treble in an amazing 8-11, 11-7, 12-14, 14-12, 21-19 victory and in turn lost out on his own treble 10-12, 11-7, 8-11, 12-10, 9-11 to Pond. In another 5 setter, Papiernik and Pond won out 11-7, 7-11, 11-7, 7-11, 11-5 in the doubles over Warliker and Briggs to conclude a superb game which could have gone either way.

Wanderers B 3 v WDHA Royals 7

The hosts although joint bottom of the table before the start have performed well since their promotion and this defeat was no exception. In the other two divisions top v bottom is virtually assured of a 10-1 result, but the top division is a different kettle of fish. Virat Patel retained his 100% record for the visitors but only after a tense evening, winning out 11-6 & 11-7 in the 5th end against Mike Terry and Bob Hickson respectively. Paul Goodman who in recent years has impressed in the top division, although well beaten by Patel, impressed with victories over Abin Islam and Himanshu Ganatra. The hosts other point was gained by Terry, who saw off Islam 10-12, 11-7, 10-12, 14-12. Like the other game of the week, this reflected well on both sides and emphasised the competitive spirit of every side in the division.


Division Two

Westfield B 8 v Wanderers D 2

Westfield moved up to within a couple of points of the teams in 3rd and 4th position with this good 8-2 victory against bottom club Wanderers D. Newcomer David Rogers continues to impress with his 4th maximum of the season and Steve Fuller added a further treble in only his 2nd appearance this year. An off-form Tim Mason added a further single win whilst Roger Ellingham and Graham Babbage replied for the Wanderers with a single win apiece. Rogers & Fuller secured Westfield's 8th. point with victory in the doubles over Ellingham & Babbage.

Chesterwell B 10 v Wanderers C 0

Front runners Chesterwell B continue their fine run with another faultless display and this week it was Wanderers C's turn to suffer a 10-0 wipe-out. Maximums all round for Johnathon Driscoll, Luke Hughes and Daniel Mann and with only one game progressing beyond 3 ends this was a very one-sided affair. The only resistance from the visitors came from James Findlay who did well to take Mann to a 5th set.

Higham Band A 6 v Old Grammarians A 4

This close match finally resulted in a good home win for the Band Club and was a great team effort with doubles from all 3 players, Ian Sclater, Steve Mansfield and Perce Sharp. Mick Ball replied for the O.G.s with a tremendous maximum and the evening concluded with a surprising doubles victory for the visitors with Phil Laurence & Martyn Reeves getting the better of Mansfield & Sclater. 

Stanwick VHTTC 10 v Chesterwell C 0

Stanwick are keeping up the pressure on the league leaders with their own clean sweep and remain only 3 points adrift after seeing off Chesterwell C with a resounding 10-0 victory. Ian Baldock and Graham Taylor both carded perfect trebles without conceding an end whilst Geoff Neville had to work a little harder, losing a single end to both Maxine Shears and Stuart Coles on his way to his own maximum. In the final doubles, Baldock & Taylor recorded their 5th successive victory by seeing off Stuart & Clare Coles in 3 straight sets.


Division Three

Higham Band B 5  v Westfield D  5

Westfield D although away from the winning top group, gave a good account of themselves, finishing with a hard earned draw. Roy Smyth scored his first hat trick, including a close encounter with Stuart Futrill, winning 11-6, 7-11, 13-11, 11-13, and 11-9. Eleanor Smyth showed enthusiasm all night and was rewarded with her first win of the season against a scoreless John Yeates. For Band B, David Carrigan and Stuart Futrill both won twice and then teamed up for the doubles to win over Eleanor and Stuart Rae 13-11 in the 4th end. 

Old Grammarians B  6 v Wanderers E  4

Seven teams are bunched together at the top of the division separated by 7 points. Old Gramms lead the way, only just beating Wanderers by a small margin. Wanderers are now 6 points behind but have a game in hand. Derek Shears had a good night winning his 2nd hat trick of the season, but only Steve Hoole could add anything to the score line beating David Bayes in 4 ends. New player Charlie Kemp although not winning a point got better as the night progressed and is one to watch in the future. For Old Gramms Colin Lord and Martin Rice won twice with third player David Bayes taking 1 point. Bayes and Rice took the final decisive point in a close 4 end doubles set to win the match.

Chesterwell D 7 v WDHA Raj Riders C 3

Chesterwell D also riding the wave with the other top teams, tried there hardest to capitalize on the situation. Duncan Wright and Caspian Wagner both scored hat tricks but Gordon Campbell failed to register, although coming close in many games. His set against Akash Kumar was such an example 13-11, 4-11, 9-11,11-9, and 9-11. The final doubles point went the full distance, 11-8, 10-12, 6-11, 11-8,11-6 to a Chesterwell combo of Campbell/Wagner v Kumar/Aum Lakhani.



Division 1

Thrapston 3 (Pete Briggs, Chris Warliker 2)

Chesterwell A 7 (Valdy Papiernik, Daniel Mann 2, Mike Pond 3, doubles Papiernik/Pond)

Wanderers B 3 (Mike Terry, Paul Goodman 2)

WDHA Royals 7 (Abin Islam 2, Virat Patel 3, Himanshu Ganatra, doubles Islam/Patel)


Division 2

Westfield B 8 (David Rogers 3, Steve Fuller 3, Tim Mason, doubles Rogers/Fuller)

Wanderers D 2 (Roger Ellingham, Graham Babbage)

Chesterwell B 10 (Johnathon Driscoll 3, Luke Hughes 3, Daniel Mann 3, doubles Hughes/Mann)

Wanderers C 0

Higham Band A 6 (Ian Sclater 2, Steve Mansfield 2, Perce Sharpe 2)

Old Grammarians A 4 (Mick Ball 3, doubles Laurence/Reeves)

Stanwick VHTTC 10 (Ian Baldock 3, Graham Taylor 2, Geoff Neville 3, doubles Baldock/Taylor)

Chesterwell C 0


Division 3

Higham Band B 5 (David Carrigan 2, Stuart Futrill 2, doubles Carrigan/Futrill)

Westfield D 5 (Eleanor Smyth, Roy Smyth 3, Stuart Rae)

Old Grammarians B 6 (Colin Lord 2, Martin Rice 2, Dave Bayes, doubles Rice/Bayes)

Wanderers E 4 (Derek Shears 3, Steve Hoole)

Chesterwell D 7 (Duncan wright 3, Caspian Wagner 3, doubles Wagner/Campbell)

WDHA Raj Riders C 3 (Akash Kumar, Paresh Shah, Aum Lakhani)

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