Week 4 Report 22nd October

Division One

Thrapston 9 v Wanderers B 1

Despite the visitors single point won by Mike Terry in 5 ends 8-11, 8-11, 11-4, 11-7, 11-7 in the opener against Chris Warliker, the match was hard fought, with Terry also going to a 5th end decider against Stewart Williams and Peter Briggs, losing out 11-8 and 11-6 respectively. Williams and Briggs went on to secure comfortable hat tricks. Warliker recovered from the opening defeat to secure a brace and joined with Williams in the doubles, after winning the first two ends 11-6, 11-9 the match was conceded by the visitors as Bob Hickson retired with a bad back.

Division Two

Chesterwell B 7 v Westfield B 3

Early league leaders Chesterwell B got back to winning ways with this good 7-3 home victory against Westfield B. Johnathan Driscoll led the way with an excellent maximum and was well supported with a double from Luke Hughes and a single win from Clare Coles who was playing up from her club’s C team. David Rogers replied with a good double for the visitors with Mark Holly adding a further single win. Hughes & Coles secured their team’s 7th point with a good 5 set victory in the doubles against Holly & Tim Mason who surprisingly remained pointless on the night.

Wanderers D 1 v Chesterwell C 9

The Wanderers’ poor start to the season continued with this heavy 9-1 home defeat to Chesterwell C. Maxine Shears and Duncan Wright both fired great trebles for the visitors and Stuart Coles added a good further double. The home side’s only point came from Roger Ellingham who later combined with Graham Babbage in the doubles but they went down to Shears & Coles in 3 straight ends.

Wanderers C 4 v Old Grammarians A 6

This match proved to be a very close affair with neither team ever being more than one point ahead. The O.G.s Mick Ball was the only unbeaten player with a fine hat-trick and was well backed up with single wins from Phil Laurence and Martyn Reeves. Tony Wallis and James Findlay both carded good doubles for the hosts, keeping the match result in doubt before Laurence & Ball took the doubles over Wallis & Findlay in 3 straight sets to give the O.G.s a hard earned victory.

Higham Harriers B 3 v Stanwick VHTTC 7

Stanwick continued their good start to the season with Ian Baldock and Graham Taylor both recording maximums without conceding a set. For the Harriers, Neil Stevens, Matt Hicks and Oli Hicks all scored single wins to keep the score-line respectable before Baldock & Taylor took the doubles for the visitors with a 3 set victory against Stevens & Oli Hicks.

Division Three

Old Grammarians B 4 v Old Grammarians C 6

An in house contest resulted with the lower ranked C side, overcoming their B side. Alan Hill was unstoppable, with a hat trick. C team player Adrian Howes scored twice, both sets going to 5 ends. Roger Fleming picked up their final point. For the B side Martin Rice secured 2 points, losing to Hill 7-11, 13-11, 9-11 and 4-11. Colin Lord, although playing well, lost all of his sets, which left Dave Bayes to edge out Fleming 12-10 in the third end for his only point. Rice/Bayes made short work of Howes/Fleming for their 4th point by winning 11-5, 11-7, 11-3.

Higham Band B 2 v WDHA Challengers B 8

With only Deirdre Kiziak contributing for Higham Band, winning twice, including a long rallied set against Daniel Bain, WDHA Challengers B move from mid table to top spot. Hubert Malenda, who is constantly improving, won his third consecutive hat trick. Daniel Bain and Kavish Dodhia both scored braces, without much trouble. Stuart Frutrill held out the most, by taking Dodhia to 5 ends, with the doubles over in 3 ends, Challengers winning the final point.

Westfield D 5 v WDHA Raj Riders C 5

After the 9-1 victory over their D side, Raj Riders found this contest more challenging. Paresh Shah scored his 2nd hat trick, providing most of their points. Stuart Rae held out the longest going out 10-12 in the 4th end. Aum Lakhani took the next point after a close set with Ian Rae 11-9, 8-11, 11-9, 10-12, 11-9. For Westfield D, Roy Smyth and Stuart Rae both scored 2 points each, with Ian Rae winning 1. They could not capitalize on this result though, by losing the doubles in straight games, making the final result a draw.

Westfield C 9 v WDHA Rising Stars D  1

Westfield C move into 2nd place, helped along with their opposition only turning up with 2 players. Jay Rogers and Asish Nandi both hit their first hat tricks of the season. Eleanor Smyth scored twice losing to Jiten Gopal 9-11, 4-11, 10-12. The final point for Westfield came their way by an easy 11-4, 11-4,11-2 doubles point.


Division 1

Thrapston 9 (Chris Warliker 2, Stewart Williams 3, Peter Briggs 3, doubles conceded)

Wanderers B 1 (Mike Terry)Division 2

Chesterwell B 7 (Johnathon Driscoll 3, Luke Hughes 2m Clare Coles, doubles Hughes/Coles)

Westfield B 3 (David Rogers 2, Mark Holly)

Wanderers D 1 (Roger Ellingham)

Chesterwell C 9 (Maxine Shears 3, Stuart Cole 2, Duncan Wright 3, doubles Shears/Cole)

Wanderers C 4 (Tony Wallis 2, James Findlay 2)

Old Grammarians A 6 (Phil Laurence, Mick Ball 3, Martyn Reeves, doubles Laurence/Ball)

Higham Harriers B 3 (Neil Stevens, Matt Hicks, Oli Hicks)

Stanwick VHTTC 7 (Ian Baldock 3, Graham Taylor 3, doubles Balsock/Taylor)

Division 3

Old Grammarians B 4 (Martin Rice 2, David Bayes, doubles Rice/Bayes)

Old Grammarians C 6 (Roger Fleming, Alan Hill 3, Adrian Howes 2)

Higham Band B 2 (Deirdre Kiziak 2)

WDHA Challengers B 8 (Daniel Bain 2, Hubert Malenda 3, Kavish Dodhia 2, doubles Bain/Malenda)

Westfield D 5 (Iain Rae, Roy Smyth 2, Stuart Rae 2)

WDHA Raj Riders C 5 (Aum Lakhani, Paresh Shah 3, doubles Shah/Lakhani)

Westfield C 9 (Jay Rogers 2, Asish Nandi 2, Eleanor Smyth, doubles Rogers/Nandi + 3 points by default)

WDHA Rising Stars D 1 (Jiten Gopal)

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