Week 18


St John B 2 v Wanderers A 8

For the hosts Mike Terry continues to make a mockery of his B team ranking and inclusion in a relegation doomed side.

He went down in 5 to Tony Wharton (11-9, 6-11, 11-1, 11-6, 3-11 but won with surprising ease against Andy Law and won out in 5 against John Stamp 11-13, 11-4, 11-5, 9-11, 11-4 . Steve Mansfield and Paul Lipczaks’ struggles continue as they failed to register a leg.

WDHA Royals 10 v Westfield B 0

The visitors can’t wait for a return to the welcoming arms of Division 2 as they crashed to yet another whitewash. The only sign of resistance was by Mark Thomas who gained a leg against Abin Islam ad lost out in two deuces against Virat Patel. All the other singles were won with ease and the hosts lead the table by 5 points, although with one more game played are likely to miss out on the title.

Chesterwell A 7 v St John A 3

The visitors’ troubles season continued as they yet again field only two players and the hosts for the first time this season deviated from their normal three players with Graham Ellson deputising for Stan Galkowski. Normally this would probably have slightly strengthened them but his long absence after surgery saw a much below par performance which was only to be expected. He was well beaten by Grant Timms but took Jon Perkins to 5, going down heavily in his last 2 sets in a 7-11, 11-9, 13-11, 3-11, 3-11 defeat. Mike Pond who has dropped off somewhat this season did well to beat both Timms & Perkins without dropping a leg and the final point was gained by Timms, seeing off Valdy Papiernik 11-7, 11-9, 9-11, 11-8.



WDHA Superkings 6 v Westfield C 4

What looked likely to be a comfortable home win for the Superkings against lowly Westfield C, it turned out to be anything but, as the visitors fought all the way and only just lost 6-4. In-form Tarun Mistry fired another great treble for the hosts and was well assisted with a brace from Jack Bain and a single win from Dev Patel. Stuart Jones led Westfield’s resistance with an excellent double and Steve Fuller added a further single win. Jones & Fuller rounded off the evening with a great doubles victory over Bain & Mistry with a surprising score-line of 11-6, 11-5, 11-9.

Old Grammarians A 6 v Chesterwell B 4

 The O.G.s scored another good home win in their challenge for the runners-up spot but with only 2 matches left to play, it’s looking like they could well finish up just a few points short. Martyn Reeves led the way with another great treble and was well supported with a pair from Mick Ball and a further single from Phil Laurence. Luke Hughes carded a good double for Chesterwell to go with a single win from John Henderson before Hughes & Maxine Shears saw off Ball & Reeves in 4 sets of doubles. 

Higham Band A 8 v Higham Harriers B 2

Finding themselves in a dog-fight to avoid relegation, the Band Club desperately needed a good result and that’s exactly what they achieved with this 8-2 thumping of bottom club Harriers B. They now have a 4 point lead over their nearest rivals (Westfield C) and with a slightly easier run-in, they should hang on and avoid the drop into division 3. Nigel Magee and Perce Sharp led the way for the hosts with great maximums and Pete Martin added a further 2 precious wins. Bob Collyer salvaged the Harriers’ only singles point of the night before joining team-mate Neil Stevens to gain a good 5 set doubles victory over Magee & Martin. 

Chesterwell C 3 v Stanwick VHTTC 7

Another good away victory for Stanwick sees them just hang on to their 2nd place in the league but with 2 matches against the unbeaten league champions left to play, they will surely be overtaken by rivals Superkings who have a much easier end to their season. Ian Baldock gained his customary maximum but was made to fight all the way by Jonathan Driscoll and Daniel Mann who both took him to a 5th end before losing out 11-8. A brace from Geoff Neville to go with a single win from Kevin Tivey made up Stanwick’s 6 single points whilst Daniel Mann carded a good double for the hosts to go with a single win from Jonathan Driscoll. Baldock & Neville finished off the evening with a 4 sets doubles victory over Mann & Duncan Wright.


With 4 matches outstanding as we reach the latter stages of the season, the tables in Division 3 are not a true reflection as Wanderers D have 2 games in hand in the battle for the title and one of them is against 3rd placed Old Grammarians B.

Higham Harriers C 10 v Chesterwell D 0

This was the same result as their first encounter, Chesterwell D with only 2 players available and they were always going to struggle. Higham Harriers Jamie Laughton stood in for Oli Hicks and contributed well with maximum points, Katie Coles submitting 4-11 in the 4th end. After three close sets with Laughton, Gavin Birmingham went down 11-13 in the 3rd.  Matt and Katie Hicks were never troubled and joined to take the doubles, again in 3 ends.

WDHA Rising Stars 2 v Westfield E 8

Two teams towards the bottom of the Division saw Westfield E come out well on top. Stuart Rae and Roy Smyth with hat tricks and Eleanor Smyth winning twice, losing out to Akash Kumar in 3 ends. Kumar had some close calls with Westfields other players but went down each time in the 4th end. Swati Jethwa despite losing her sets in 3 ends played some very close ends that could have gone either way. Roy Smyth, playing for only the 2nd time this season, joined with daughter Eleanor in the doubles, but went down 11-5, 4-11, 13-11, 12-10 to Kumar and Jethwa for the Rising Stars 2nd point of the night.

Westfield D 6 v Higham Band B 4

The final score was a reversal of their last encounter with 2 points apiece for Westfield’s Amrat Mistry, and Stuart Holroyd. Mistry losing to Devlin Whitmore 11-6, 12-14, 10-12, 12-10, 7-11 and Holroyd to Stuart Futrill 12-14, 11-13, 6-11.  Deirdre Kiziak coming away without a point as she also went down to Asish Nandi and left it up to Futrill and Whitmore to do the honours in the doubles, but they were defeated in a close match by Holroyd and Mistry 9-11, 11-9, 11-9, 3-11, 6-11 to give Westfield D the final decisive point.

Division 1


St John B 2 (Mike Terry)

Wanderers A 8 (Tony Wharton 3, Andy Law 2, John Stamp 2, doubles Wharton/Law)

WDHA Royals 10 (Abin Islam 3, Mike Hawes 3, Virat Patel 3, doubles Hawes/Patel)

Westfield B 0

Chesterwell A 7 (Valdy Papiernik, Mike Pond 2, doubles Papiernik/Pond + 3 points by default)

St John A 3 (Jon Perkins, Grant Timms 2)

Division 2


WDHA Superkings 6 (Tarun Mistry 3, Jack Bain 2, Dev Patel)

Westfield C 4 (Stuart Jones 2, Steve Fuller, doubles Fuller/Jones)

Old Grammarians A 6 (Phil Laurence, Mick Ball 2, Martyn Reeves 3)

Chesterwell B 4 (Luke Hughes 2, John Henderson, doubles Hughes/Shears)

Higham Band A 8 (Nigel Magee 3, Perce Sharp 3, Pete Martin 2)

Higham Harriers B 2 (Bob Collyer, doubles Collyer/Stevens)

Chesterwell C 3 (Jonathan Driscoll, Daniel Mann 2)

Stanwick VHTTC 7 (Ian Baldock 3, Geoff Neville 2, kevin Tivey, doubles Baldock/Neville)

Division 3


Higham Harriers C 10 (Matt Hicks 2, Katie Hicks 2, Jamie Laughton 2, doubles Hicks/Hicks + 3 points by default)

Chesterwell D 0

WDHA Rising Stars 2 (Akash Kumar, doubles Kumar/Jethwa)

Westfield E 8 (Eleanor Smyth 2, Stuart Rae 3, Roy Smyth 3)

Westfield D 6 (Amrat Mistry 2, Asish Nandi, Stuart Holroyd 2, doubles Mistry/Holroyd)

Higham Band B 4 (Devlin Whitmore 2, Stuart Futrill 2)


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