Division One

Thrapston 2 v Westfield A 8

For the visitors, it has been this season – field Kevin Bird and avoid defeat, but his absence from games has led to some heavy defeats which leaves them in the relegation mix. The hosts, currently bottom markers fielded reserve Alan Tyler, who failed to register, going down heavily to Bird and Travis Holly, but tool Mark Thomas to 5, going down 5-11, 8-11, 11-9, 11-3, 9-11. Chris Warliker, not at his best, failed to trouble Bird or Holly but saw off Thomas 11-8, 11-3, 11-6. The hosts other leg was gained by Stewart Williams who saw off Holly 11-8, 12-10, 11-6 after surprisingly going down 9-11, 11-6, 9-11, 6-11 to Mark Thomas.

Wanderers A 6 v Wanderers B 4

Arguably the under achievers of the top division, the hosts, scraped home against their B side. Unlike his team mates, Graham Ellson looks back to his best gaining an excellent treble, highlight being a 11-5, 7-11, 11-5, 6-11, 11-9 win over the in-form Scott Dixon. Tony Wharton having his worst season for some time avoided a blank edging out Jon Taylor-Burt 13-11 in the 5th. Andy Law gained only his 8th win of the season with a useful brace. His highlight being a 11-6, 5-11, 11-8, 11-5 win over Mike Terry, who has struggled after a bright start. The hosts dropped their 4th leg in the doubles when Wharton and Law lost out 2-11, 6-11, 12-10, 11-4, 9-11 to Dixon and Terry.

Division Two 

Wanderers D 3 v Old Grammarians A 7

Bottom club Wanderers D gave what is probably their best performance of the season by taking 3 points off 3rd. place O.G.s with Roger Ellingham (2) and Mike Howorth (1) making up their 3 points.  The O.G.'s Mick Ball kept up his fine run with another great treble without conceding an end and was well supported by Phil Laurence's double and a single win from Martyn Reeves.  Ball & Reeves gained their side's 7th point with a 4 set doubles victory over Ellingham & Graham Babbage.

Chesterwell B 9 v Chesterwell C 1

Chesterwell B keep up the pressure on the league leaders with this fine 9-1 victory over their club mates and only a great 5 set win for the C team's Maxine Shears against Luke Hughes stood in the way of a clean sweep.  Johnathon Driscoll and Daniel Mann both fired great maximums for the home team but they both had to concede at least 1 end to the impressive Maxine with Luke Hughes adding a valuable further double of his own.  Hughes & Mann wrapped up the evening's play with a 4 set doubles victory against Maxine & Stuart Coles.

Higham Band A 1 v Stanwick VHTTC 9

League leaders Stanwick continue their fine season with a good away victory against the Band Club but the 9-1 scoreline in no way reflected the closeness of the match and 2 or 3 of the games could easily have gone to the home team.  Ian Baldock and Graham Taylor both carded good trebles for the visitors with Geoff Neville adding a further double whilst the Band Club's Ian Sclater and Steve Mansfield both fought hard all night with the former's lone win all they had to show for their efforts.  Baldock & Taylor preserved their 100% doubles record with a 3 set verdict over Mansfield & the evergreen Perce Sharp. 

Higham Harriers B 0 v Westfield B 10

Westfield B climbed back up to 4th place in the league with this 10-0 thrashing of lowly Harriers B whose place in division 2 is now starting to look in jeopardy.  First maximums of the season for both Tim Mason and Mark Holly to go with a further treble from David Rogers sealed the visitors 9 singles points before Rogers & Mason completed the clean sweep with a 3 set doubles victory over Neil Stevens & Katie Hicks.

Division Three

Higham Band B 3 v WDHA Rising Stars D 7

An unexpected win for Rising Stars, in fact their first win of the season. Jiten Gopal was the only unbeaten player, playing brilliantly to hit his first hat trick, without losing an end. Swati Jethwa had her best win of the season, winning twice. Keshav Parekh picked up 1 point from a scoreless John Yeates. Higham Band who are missing Stuart Futrill (for the last 2 weeks) picked up 3 points, 2 for Deirdre Kiziak and 1 for David Carrigan but that was their lot as Jethwa/Gopal took the doubles11-8, 11-8, 8-11, 3-11, and 11-8.

Westfield D 5 v Wanderers E 5

No teams this week changed positions, mainly due to 3 matches having drawn. Westfield D did well this week in equalising against higher ranked opponents, with a 2-8 loss last time of playing. Stuart Rae scored his 2nd hat trick of season, taking both David May and Derek Shears in the 5th ends. Roy Smyth scored their next two points. For Wanderers E, Steve Hoole performed the best, winning twice. David May and Derek Shears added a point each and it was the doubles point that kept them in the picture, Hoole and Shears scraped by 12-10, 15-13, 10-12, 9-11, 11-8 against Roy and Eleanor Smyth.

Chesterwell D 5 v Old Grammarians C 5

Old Gramms needed to increase their scoreline to keep their eyes on runner up spot. They did gain a point over their last encounter though Alan Hill unusually only scored once, and it was left to David Hatherall to pull back some points, 3 in fact, with his 6th hat trick. For Chesterwell D, both Caspian Wagner and Duncan Wright scored twice and then went on to win the doubles in 3 ends to equalise.

Westfield C 6 v WDHA Raj Riders C 4

WDHA Raj Riders paid the price this week as they fielded only two players for the third time this season. Amit Shah won twice and narrowly missed out against to Asish Nandi 11-9, 11-4, 12-14, 15-17, and 7-11. Aum Lakhani, best set saw him lose to Jay Rogers in 5 ends. Asish Nandi for Westfield was unbeaten with Rogers and Stuart Holroyd weighing in with 1point each plus their default points. It was the Riders though which had the final say. Lakhani/Shah taking the doubles point in 4 ends.

Old Grammarians B 5 v WDHA Challengers B 5

Old Gramms B are still treading water, poised to jump into 2nd place with their 2 match advantage. A good result for Old Gramms B against top team Challengers B to hold them to a draw when they lost 3-7 last time around. Colin Lord and Martin Rice both scored braces, David Bayes winning a single. The thorn in their side came from young Hubert Malenda battling for Challengers, who can do no wrong at the moment, scoring his 9th hat trick. Kavish Dodhia had a rare blank this week and Daniel Bain could only manage 1 point but it was their final doubles point that kept them from losing, just managing to equalise after 5 ends.



Division 1

Wanderers A 6 (Tony Wharton, Graham Ellson 3, Andy Law 2)

Wanderers B 4 (Scott Dixon 2, Mike Terry, doubles Dixon/Terry)

Thrapston 2 (Chris Warliker, Stewart Williams)

Westfield A 8 (Kevin Bird 3, Travis Holly 2, Mark Thomas 2, doubles Bird/Holly)

Division 2

Wanderers D 3 (Roger Ellingham 2, Mike Howorth)

Old Grammarians A 7 (Phil Laurence 2, Mick Ball 3, Martyn Reeves, doubles Ball/Reeves)

Chesterwell B 9 (Johnathan Driscoll 3, Luke Hughes 2, Daniel Mann 3, doubles Hughes/Mann)

Chesterwell C 1 (Maxine Shears)

Higham Band A 1 (Ian Sclater)

Stanwick VHTTC 9 (Ian Baldock 3, Graham Taylor 3, Geoff Neville 2, doubles Baldock/Taylor)

Higham Harriers B 0

Westfield B 10 (David Rogers 3, Mark Holly 3, Tim Mason 3, doubles Rogers/Mason)

Division 3

Higham Band B 3 (Deirdre Kiziak 2, David Carrigan)

WDHA Rising Stars D 7 (Swati Jethwa 2, Keshav Parekh, Jiten Gopal 3, doubles Jethwa/Gopal)

Old Grammarians B 5 (Colin Lord 2, Martin Rice 2, David Bayes)

WDHA Challengers B 5 (Hubert Malenda 3, Daniel Bain, doubles Malenda/Bain)

Westfield C 7 (Jay Rogers, Asish Nandi 2, Stuart Holroyd, + 3 points by default)

WDHA Raj Riders C 3 (Amit Shah 2, doubles Shah/Lakhani)

Westfield D 5 (Roy Smyth 2, Stuart Rae 3)

Wanderers E 5 (David May, Derek Shears, Steve Hoole 2, doubles Hoole/Shears)

Chesterwell D 5 (Caspian Wagner 2, Duncan Wright 2, doubles Wagner/Wright)

Old Grammarians C 5 (Adrian Howes, Alan Hill, David Hatherall 3)  

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