Chesterwell B 5 v Wanderers A 5

Fielding a full complement for the first time this season, Chesterwell B climbed off the bottom of the table with a comfortable draw. Graham Ellson, coming to grips with new rubbers, went down 10-12, 11-4, 4-11, 11-13 to Tony Wharton but recovered to gain comfortable wins over Andy Law and Jon Taylor-Burt. The much improved Luke Hughes has a habit of beating the oppositions leading player and then losing to others and saw off Wharton 11-6 in the 5th but lost to Law and surprisingly to Taylor-Burt, who also did well defeating Carlton Ellwood in five, 4-11, 12-10, 13-15, 12-10, 11-4. The hosts clinched the draw with Hughes and Ellwood gaining an easy 11-5, 11-4, 11-6 doubles win.

Thrapston 0 v Chesterwell A 10

In recent seasons the hosts challenge for a top two spot has tended to be derailed by large defeats by Chesterwell A, and this was yet another example, as they suffered a whitewash. Alan Tyler battled hard, taking Stan Galkowski and Valdy Papiernik to five, bowing out 8-11 and 2-11 respectively. Chris Warliker lost out 7-11 to Papiernik in the 5th and with Ian Donaldson well off pace, the remaining singles were won by the visitors with ease, although the doubles saw two big deuces 15-13, 19-17, 11-8 win by Mike Pond and Galkowski over Warliker and Donaldson.

St John A 5 v WDHA Royals 5

Grant Timms gained an excellent treble without dropping a leg, but this was negated by an off form Richard Wills, failing to register. Jon Perkins opened his account for the season winning out 8-11, 14-12, 11-5, 11-7 over Shyam Bavalia and joined with Timms to earn the draw with a 11-8, 11-9, 11-7 doubles won over Bavalia and Ethan Ali.

Wanderers A 3 v Westfield A 7  

Westfield A fielded their strongest side to date with the powerful Bird combination of father and daughter. Both Kevin and Nicole duly recorded easy trebles but Travis Holly, possibly overawed by his strong team mates, performed poorly and drew his first blank of the season, without much resistance.

Higham Harriers A 1 v WDHA Royals 9

The hosts need the input of new signing Ian Bird if they are to avoid another season of struggle. With Martyn Reeves back after injury, replaced Mick Malins, but failed to improve on his performances, going down heavily. Graham Bird fought hard and avoided a clean sweep by the visitors, seeing off Amit Shah in five, 4-11, 11-8, 10-12, 12-10, 11-4 and took Virat Patel to five, before bowing out 7-11. Norman Wooster, not at his best, nevertheless took Shah to 5, losing out 11-6, 1-11, 11-9, 8-11, 9-11.

Chesterwell B 6 v Thrapston 4

Thrapston were looking to avenge their whitewash against the A side and although gaining 4 points, could have had a repeat performance as all wins were in the 5th end with two deuces. Alan Tyler continues to belie his low Kettering League ranking and scored an excellent brace, winning out 11-5 and 11-6 in the 5th against Graham Ellson and Luke Hughes respectively. Chris Warlike, who is struggling for form, failed to register but Ian Donaldson edged out Hughes 13-11 in the 5th for a 3rd point. The doubles contained an unusual feature as Ellson and Ellwood won the second leg to nought but lost the game 6-11, 11-0, 5-11, 11-6, 11-13 to Donaldson and Warliker.



Higham Band A 3 v St John B 7

This good away win saw St. John B move to the top of the division with Mike Terry scoring a fine maximum without conceding a single end. He was well supported with 2 wins from Alan Hill and a single from Steve Mansfield. For the home team, Keith Stockley gained 2 wins and Pete Martin managed a single. The visitors took the doubles and the home loss saw Higham Band slip down to 4th place in the table.

Higham Harriers B 4 v Westfield C 6

In a very close contest where neither team was ever more than 1 point ahead, Westfield took the match with a very tense doubles win with a score line of 10-12, 10-12,11-9, 10-12. No player was unbeaten on the night with Neil Stevens scoring 2 wins for the home team whilst Tim Mason and Steve Fuller both scored doubles for the visitors. The 3 remaining players all scored 1 win apiece.

Old Grammarians B 4 v WDHA Superkings 6

In another close match, Superkings got the win which lifted them to mid-table with games in hand on most of their rivals. Jack Bain starred for the visitors with a hard earned treble, having to go to a 4th or 5th eEnd in each of his matches. He received solid support with 2 wins from Manav Pandya and surprisingly, a single win from Milan Pandya who had scored maximums in his 2 previous outings. Martin Rice scored 2 good wins for the hosts and narrowly missed out on the 3rd. Losing 11-7 in the 5th. end. Lord and Rice kept the scores close with a solid home win in the doubles. 

Westfield B 6 v Chesterwell C 4

This match saw Westfield B edge out Chesterwell C who have struggled so far this season. Mark Thomas and Charlie Morrow scored doubles for the home team whilst Charlie Clements lost his unbeaten record, only scoring a single win. Maxine Shears, re-discovering her form from last season and posting a magnificent treble against a team who are looking good for honours at the end of this season. Clare Coles scored a fine win over the unbeaten Clements and Westfield ended the night winning a vital doubles which takes them up to 2nd equal in the league table.




Chesterwell E 2 v Higham Band B 8

Higham Band B move up two places this week with a convincing win over lowly Chesterwell E. Raylee Burton and Stuart Futrill both winning hat tricks whilst new player John Yeates scored his first point, with a win over Gavin Birmingham, having lost out against Gordon Campbell and Peter Atkins 10-12 and 9-11 respectively at the last hurdle.

Westfield D 3 v Wanderers E 7

Wanderers E have caught up the number of matches played with Chesterwell D, and are now only 6 points behind. David May hitting his 4th consecutive hat trick, with only Stuart Holroyd extending him to a 4th end. Derek Shears and Steve Hoole both lost out to Holroyd. Westfields final point of the evening came from Amrat Mistry’s 11-8, 5th end win over Hoole.

Higham Harriers C 10 v Chesterwell E 0

Chesterwell E were in action again in this re-arranged fixture but came away scoreless, with the Harriers triplets Oli, Matt and Katie Hicks in fine form, none of them dropping an end and moving up one place in the table.


Division 1

Chesterwell B 5 (Graham Ellson 2, Luke Hughes, Carlton Ellwood, doubles Hughes/Ellwood)

Wanderers A 5 (Tony wharton, Andy Law 2, Jon Taylor-Burt 2),

Thrapston 0,

Chesterwell A 10 (Stan Galkowski 3, Valdy Papiernik 3, Mike Pond 3, doubles Galkowski/Pond);

St John A 5 (Jon Perkins, Grant Timms 3, doubles Perkins/Timms)

WDHA Royals 5 (Ethan Ali 2, Abin Islam 2, Shyam Bavalia);

Chesterwell B 6 (Graham Ellson 2, Luke Hughes, Carlton Ellwood 3)

Thrapston 4 (Ian Donaldson, Alan Tyler 2, doubles Donaldson/Warliker),

Higham Harriers A 1 (Graham Bird)

WDHA Royals 9 (Shyam Bavalia 3, Amit Shah 2, Virat Patel 3, doubles Bavalia/Patel),

Wanderers A 3, (Jon Taylor Burt, John Stamp, Tony Wharton) 

Westfield A 7 (Kevin Bird 3, Nicole Bird 3, doubles Bird/Bird);

Division 2

Higham Band A 3 (Keith Stockley 2, Pete Martin)

St John B 7 (Mike Terry 3, Alan Hill 2, Steve Mansfield, doubles Terry/Mansfield);

Higham Harriers B 4 (Phillip Inman, Neil Stevens 2, Craig Hartwell)

Westfield C 6 (Piotr Polanski, Tim Mason 2, Steve Fuller 2, doubles Mason/Fuller);

Old Grammarians B 4 (Colin Lord, Martin Rice 2, doubles Lord/Rice)

WDHA Superkings 6 (Milan Pandya, Jack Bain 3, Manav Pandya 2),

Westfield B 6 (Mark Thomas 2, Charlie Clements, Charlie Morrow 2, doubles Morrow/Thomas) 

Chesterwell C 4 (Maxine Shears 3, Clare Coles);

Division 3

Chesterwell E 2 (Gordon Campbell, Peter Atkins)

Higham Band B 8 (Raylee Burton 3, John Yeates, Stuart Futrill 3, doubles Yeates/Futrill),

Westfield D 3 (Stuart Holroyd 2, Amrat Mistry)

Wanderers E 7 (Steve Hoole, David May 3, Derek Shears 2, doubles May/Shears),

Higham Harriers C 10 (Oli Hicks 3, Matt Hicks 3, Katie Hicks 3, doubles O Hicks/K Hicks)

Chesterwell E 0.

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