Week 3 Report 15th October


Division One

Higham Harriers 6 v Chesterwell 4

Ian Bird, who by his standards has started poorly and went down in five in the opener to Valdy Papiernik, who, since his return to the Wellingborough League has always troubled him. However, he showed glimpses of his normal form in seeing off Stan Galkowski and Mike Pond. Steve Kendall was in excellent form gaining an excellent treble and joining with Ian Bird to win out in the doubles over Galkowski and Pond. Graham Bird, in his first outing, found the going tough and failed to register, ensuring that Chesterwell did not become the first side not to register at least 4 points.

Westfield A 6 v St John A 4

With both sides missing their leading player, the hosts owed much to Travis Holly who duly gained an excellent treble over Pete Boustred and Jon Perkins and one by default. Perkins opened his account for the season wining out 11-4 and 11-2 in the 5th against Westfield’s Mark Thomas and Mike Ainsworth respectively. Thomas won out 11-6 in the 5th over Boustred to clinch victory. However, Perkins and Boustred scored a 6-11, 11-5, 13-11, 12-10 doubles win over Holly and Thomas to ensure yet another 6-4 scoreline.

Wanderers A 6 v Thrapston 4

A superb treble by Pete Briggs for Thrapston, his highlight being a 12-10, 11-4, 4-11, 10-12, 11-7 win over Tony Wharton, ensured that 2 man Thrapston gained 4 points, which meant that at the conclusion of the 3rd weeks action, no side had collected less than 4 points which reflected a great credit to every team. Thrapstons other point was gained by Chris Warliker, who saw off Andy Law with surprising ease 11-5, 11-7, 11-5. Wharton and Law bolstered by a disappointing performance to win out 11-8, 14-12, 11-8 in the doubles to clinch a victory, but Thrapston who were expected to struggle, look to ensure that every side in the division will be a hard nut to crack.

Division Two

Stanwick VHTTC 8 v Chesterwell B 2

Chesterwell had to settle for 2 points against Stanwick, who were without Geoff Neville in their ranks, but new signing Joe Peckham opened his debut in the Wellingborough League with a fine hat trick and together with a hat trick from Ian Baldock added the doubles over Daniel Mann and Luke Hughes. Chesterwells Luke Hughes and Johnathon Driscoll had to settle for a single win apiece over Graham Taylor, but Taylor gained a huge consolation win over Mann, who was unexpectedly scoreless on the night.  

Higham Band A 5 v Higham Harriers A 5

Harriers added the doubles in 4 ends to tie this match as Bob Collyer and Oli Hicks defeated Steve Mansfield and Nigel Magee 7-11, 11-6, 11-7, 11-8. Mick Malins was the only unbeaten player on the night, with Magee and Mansfield for the Band with a brace each, with wins over Oli Hicks and Bob Collyer, whilst Perce Sharp, Hicks and Collyer gained singles

Chesterwell C 6 v Wanderers C 4

In another closely fought contest, only Carl Singh was unlucky not to get a result, as he lost out 11-9 in the 5th end to Clare Coles. Coles also gained a fine win over James Findlay, again 11-9 at the last hurdle and together with Maxine Shears (with 2 wins) added the doubles over Findlay and Tony Wallis who also secured 2 wins apiece. Keith Taylor with the home teams 6th point in four ends over Singh.

Division Three

With no matches being played at the Hindu Centre, only two results were available this week.

Old Grammarians C 7 v Higham Band B 3

Higham Band saw their first defeat against a strong Old Grammarians C side. Both Alan Hill and Dave Hatherall scored hat tricks, although Stuart Futrill gave them a run for their money, going down both times in the 5th end. Deirdre Kiziak unusually, came away scoreless but took Roger Fleming to 5 ends also. With 7 points under their belt, the Gramms lost out in a tight doubles 8-11 in 5th end to a David Carrigan/Futrill combo.

Chesterwell D 2 v Old Grammarians B 8

On the only 2nd match reported, Chesterwell D suffered their first defeat this season against Old Grammarians B, Duncan Wright resisted the most, winning their only 2 points. For the victors Martin Rice scored a hat trick, Colin Lord and David Bayes supported with 2 points each, both losing to Wright in the 5th ends. The doubles ended with a Rice/Bays combination.



Division 1

Higham Harriers A 6 (Ian Bird 2, Steve Kendall 3, doubles Ian Bird/Kendall)

Chesterwell A 4 (Valdy Papiernik 2, Stan Galkowski, Mike Pond)

Westfield A 6 (Travis Holly 2, Mark Thomas, + 3 points by default)

St John A 4 (Jon Perkins 2, Pete Boustred, doubles Perkins/Boustred)

Wanderers A 6 (Tony Wharton, Graham Ellson, doubles Wharton/Law + 3 points by default)

Thrapston 4 (Chris Warliker, Pete Briggs 3)

Division 2

Stanwick VHTTC 8 (Ian Baldock 3, Graham Taylor, Joe Peckham 3, doubles Baldock/Peckham)

Chesterwell B 2 (Luke Hughes, Johnathon Driscoll)

Higham Band A 5 (Nigel Magee 2, Steve Mansfield 2, Perce Sharp)

Higham Harriers A 5 (Oli Hicks, Mick Malins 3, doubles Collyer/Hicks)

Chesterwell C 6 (Keith Taylor, Clare Coles 2, Maxine Shears 2, doubles Coles/Shears)

Wanderers C 4 (Tony Wallis 2, James Findlay2)

Division 3

Old Grammarians C 7 (Alan Hill 3, David Hatherall 3, Roger Fleming 2)

Higham Band B 3 (David Carrigan, Stuart Futrill, doubles Carrigan/Futrill)

Chesterwell D 2 (Duncan Wright 2)

Old Grammarians B 8 (Martin Rice 3, Colin Lord 2, David Bayes 2, doubles Rice/Bayes)

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