St John A 7 v Thrapston 3

With the visitor’s one of 3 sides well adrift at the bottom of the table, this was a good result. Chris Warliker who has performed manfully in a struggling side comfortably saw of Jon Perkins and Pete Boustred and took the all-conquering Grant Timms to five losing out 11-6, 8-11, 4-11, 11-8, 6-11. Alan Tyler scored his first win over a side not in relegations places with an 11-5, 11-3, 11-6 win over a below par Boustred.

Wanderers A 2 v Higham Harriers A 8

This was undoubtedly the best win by a Harriers side since their promotion 3 years ago, a result which puts them in 2nd spot. Had Steve Kendall and Ian Bird been fielded regularly, they would be favourite for the title, but to date, they have not been appeared together. Since signing these 2 players the performances of Graham Bird and Norman Wooster have improved beyond measure. In the latest fixture Ian Bird scored a good treble, edging out Tony Wharton 11-6, 11-5, 9-11, 10-12, 11-5 and with more ease Jon Taylor-Burt and John Stamp. Bird was well beaten by Wharton but edged out Taylor-Burt 11-5 in the fifth and comfortably saw off Stamp. Wooster reversed this winning out 11-5 in the 5th over Stamp and winning well over Taylor-Burt. To complete an excellent performance the Birds won a 4 set doubles 11-7, 4-11, 11-5, 11-5 over Wharton and Taylor-Burt.

WDHA Royals A 8 v St John B 2

Mike Terry, who together with Chris Warliker are the only 2 players likely to win more than the off game against the top sides was again to the fore as he won out 11-8, 11-2, 4-11, 11-4 and 14-12, 11-6, 11-8 over Shyam Bavalia and Nitin Patel respectively. Virat Patel with only 2 defeats in 18 was a different kettle of fish, gaining an excellent treble, dropping no legs and only 41 points in the process. Paul Lipczak buoyed by his recent treble did well picking in legs against Bavalia and Patel, but failed to capitalise, whereas Steve Mansfield continues well off pace and still awaiting his first win.  

Westfield B 1 v Chesterwell A 9

You could have got long odds against the hosts having their 4th clean sweep inflicted on them. Charlie Morrow without a win to his credit nearly opened with a sensational win before bowing out 11-8, 12-10, 9-11, 5-11, 6-11 to Valdy Papiernik. Mark Thomas with only 2 wins to his credit against fellow strugglers went one better winning out 2-11, 11-4, 11-4, 11-9 over Papiernik who spared his blushes somewhat with a 11-4, 11-7, 11-7 win over Charlie Clements, who is yet to win this season. Mike Pond and Stan Galkowski cruised to trebles to ensure a not too damaging score line.

Westfield A 8 v St John B 2

Mike Terry the only promoted  player to look at home in the top division, again scored a good brace and did  better than most in a 7-11, 8-11, 7-11   defeat to 100% Kevin Bird.  Steve Mansfield and David Hatherall were well off pace but the latter managed a leg off Travis Holly who was  unlucky not to gain a treble being 10-8 up in the fifth but lost out 10-12 to the in-form Terry. 


Higham Harriers B 3 v Wanderers B 7

In this top versus bottom contest, league leaders Wanderers ran out 7-3 winners despite fielding a weakened team again due to injury. Bob Hickson carded an excellent treble to go with 2 wins from Paul Goodman and a further double from Carl Singh who was once again playing up from his C team. Mick Malins did well for the Harriers with a fighting double and they gained their third point when Neil Stevens & Bob Collyer saw off Hickson & Singh in the doubles.

Chesterwell B 9 v Chesterwell C 1

Chesterwell’s B team, now getting better week by week, gained a resounding 9-1 victory over their C team club mates whose Daniel Mann prevented the whitewash with his single win. Luke Hughes posted his 6th maximum of the season to go with Maxine Shears’ 3rd and Stuart Coles added a good double before joining Maxine to take the doubles against Daniel & Clare Coles in 4 sets.

Wanderers C 4 v Old Grammarians A 6

The O.G.s kept their good run going with a close 6-4 away victory over the Wanderers. The consistent Martyn Reeves led the way with a great treble and was well backed up with 2 wins from Mick Ball and a single from Phil Laurence. James Findlay hit back for the Wanderers with a good double to add to a single win from Tony Wallis and the pair of them kept the scores close with a straight sets doubles victory over Laurence & Reeves.

Westfield C 5 v Higham Band A 5

Westfield’s Tim Mason finally scored his 1st maximum of the season and despite Stuart Jones adding a further double, his team are still waiting to record their first victory. All 3 of the Band Cub’s players made contributions with Keith Stockley’s double adding to single wins from Pete Martin and Nigel Magee before Martin & Magee did well to see off Mason & Jones in the doubles, earning their team a good draw.

WDHA Superkings 6 v Stanwick VHTTC 4

Despite Ian Baldock recording his 7th maximum of the season, Stanwick were unable to hang on to their 100% record as they went down 6-4 to the Superkings. Excellent doubles from all the Superkings’ players, Tarun Mistry, Dev Patel and Himanshu Ganatra did the damage before Baldock & Geoff Neville gained some consolation by taking the doubles against Mistry & Patel in 5 sets after having been 2-1 sets down.


Halfway through the season and with all matches played we can see the true state of play. Only 3 points separate the top two teams and only 8 points separate the next two. This should make for an exciting 2nd half, with all to play for.

Westfield E 4 v Wanderers E 6

No player was unbeaten in this match with two players from each side gaining two wins each whilst Westfield’s, Eleanor Smyth found the going hard and failed to win an end. Ashley Pedlar lost to David May in the 5th and Stuart Rae to Derek Shears 11-13 in a close 5th end set. Westfield needed the doubles to equalise but failed in three ends to May and Shears.

WDHA Challengers C 8 v Higham Harriers C 2

The Challengers strengthen their quest for the top with this good win over Harriers C to attack the top team and are now only 3 points away. Manav Pandya who has only played two matches so far this season was the only unbeaten player, recording a 2nd hat trick without losing an end. Kavish Dodhia and Daniel Bain supported well with two wins apiece losing to Kate and Oli Hicks respectively. Matt Hicks came away scoreless but had two sets go all the way. Pandya and Dodhia combined to win the doubles 15-13, 8-11, 9-11, 11-3, 11-8 over Matt & Katie Hicks.

Old Grammarians B 5 v Wanderers D 5

With both teams relegated from last season, the result, not surprisingly came out all square. Martin Rice the unbeaten player on the night registering his 5th hat trick for the Old Grammarians and only Dave Bayes could back him up with single win in a close fought encounter with Roger Ellingham taking him to 5 ends. Colin Lord came away scoreless for the first time this season as Wanderers Graham Babbage and Mike Howorth win two points each. It was Rice and Bayes who squared the match with a 4 end doubles victory over Ellingham and Babbage.

Chesterwell D 0 v Westfield D 10

Westfield move closer to the top of the table with this 10-0 defeat of Chesterwell D. All sets finished in 3 ends but there were some close calls to make this an enjoyable match. Hat tricks for Stuart Holroyd and Asish Nandi their 2nd of the season and a 6th for Amrat Mistry.


Division 1

St John A 7 (Jon Perkins 2, Pete Boustred, Grant Timms 3, doubles Boustred/Timms)

Thrapston 3 (Chris Warliker 2, Alan Tyler)

Wanderers A 2 (Tony Wharton 2)

Higham Harriers A 8 (Graham Bird 2, Ian Bird 3, Norman Wooster 2, doubles Bird/Bird))

WDHA Royals 8 (Shyam Bavalia 2, Nitin Patel 2, Virat Patel 3, doubles Bavalia/Patel)

St John B 2 (Mike Terry 2)

Westfield B 1 (Mark Thomas)

Chesterwell A 9 (Valdy Papiernik 2, Mike Pond 3, Stan Galkowski 3, doubles Galkowski/Pond)

Westfield A 8 (Kevin Bird 3, Patryk Polanski 2, Travis Holly 2, doubles Bird/Polanski)

St John B 2 (Mike Terry 2)


Division 2

Higham Harriers B 3 (Mick Malins 2, doubles Stevens/Collyer)

Wanderers B 7 (Wanderers B 7 (Paul Goodman 2, Bob Hickson 3, Carl Singh 2)

Chesterwell B 9 (Stuart Coles 2, Maxine Shears 3, Luke Hughes 3, doubles Coles/Shears)

Chesterwell C 1 (Daniel Mann)

Wanderers C 4 (Tony Wallis, James Findlay 2)

Old Grammarians A 6 (Phil Laurence, Mick Ball 2, Martyn Reeves 2, doubles Laurence/Reeves)

Westfield C 5 (Stuart Jones 2, Tim Mason 3)

Higham Band A 5 (Pete Martin, Nigel Magee, Keith Stockley 2, doubles Martin/Magee)

WDHA Superkings B 6 (Tarun Mistry 2, Dev Patel 2, Himanshu Ganatra 2)

Stanwick VHTTC 4 (Ian Baldock 3, doubles Baldock/Neville)



Division 3


Westfield E 4 (Ashley Pedlar 2, Stuart Rae 2)

Wanderers E 6 (David May 2, Steve Hoole, Derek Shears 2, doubles May/Shears)

WDHA Challengers C 8 (Kavish Dhodhia 2, Manav Pandya 3, Daniel Bain 2, doubles Dhodia/Pandya)

Higham Harriers C 2 (Oli Hicks, Kate Hicks)

Old Grammarians B 5 (Martin Rice 3, David Bayes, doubles Rice/Bayes)

Wanderers D 5 (Roger Ellingham, Graham Babbage 2, Mike Howorth 2)

Chesterwell D 0

Westfield D 10 (Stuart Holroyd 3, Asish Nandi 3, Amrat Mistry 3, doubles Holroyd/Nandi)

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