(a)     Entry fee to the Challenge Trophy will be included in the Registration Fee (see Rule 2). Failure to fulfil cup fixture will incur a fine of £20.

(b)    Matches will consist of ten sets, four games per set, including a doubles game.

(c)     Points will be determined by the Challenge Trophy Committee.

(d)(i)  All matches must be played by the date specified, unless special permission is obtained from the Challenge Trophy Secretary. Failure to comply will result in the offending team or teams’ forfeiture of the match and a fine of £20 will apply.

(ii) After the third round - teams must give priority to Challenge Trophy matches even if a League match has to be postponed. 

(e)    It is the responsibility of the team who wins the match to return a fully completed score sheet the  following day to the Challenge Trophy Secretary, either by hand or posted with 1st class stamp to arrive no later than 48 hours following the match. Failure to comply will result in a fine of £5 for the first offence and £10 for subsequent offences.

(f)   Registered players are eligible to play in this competition, in accordance with league rule 4. No late registrations will be allowed in relation to the competition without prior approval of the Challenge Trophy Secretary. No player may play for more than one team.

(g)  In the event of a tie, one extra doubles end will be played. The score will commence at the handicap divided by 40 (rounded up) and the winning team will be the first to reach 11 points (ends to be changed at 5 if applicable).

(h)   Away teams to contact opponents to confirm home night.         

(i)   The final will be played on a date to be arranged by the Challenge Trophy Committee.

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