Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

Wellingborough & District Table Tennis League held on Wednesday 16th May 2018 at 7.30pm

at The Old Grammarians HQ, Oxford Street, Wellingborough.



A Hill (AH), D Kiziak (DK), D C Allen (DCA), G Neville (GN), N Magee (NM), R Ellingham (RE), J Perkins (JP), C Lord (CL), K Bird(KB), P Laurence (PL), S Coles (SL), C Coles (CL), M Malins (ML), C Warliker (CW), H Jethwa (HJ), J Ganatra (JG),  V Pandya (VP).

1. Chairman’s welcome

Good evening everyone and welcome to the AGM of the 2017-18 season, my name is Alan Hill and I am standing in on behalf of our chairman Ken, who is currently recovering from a hip replacement, following a fall at home two weeks ago today.  Although the operation was successful, he is suffering from post-operative delirium, which as you can imagine is very upsetting and stressful for him and his family, Raylee will let us know when he is able to have visitors.

We are also without our treasurer Doreen, also in Kettering Hospital with an infection, and we wish her well too, no doubt Clare will be able to fill you in on her condition.

The presentation evening and final of the Challenge Trophy was an interesting match with the young WDHA Superkings taking the honours from veterans Wanderers E, who put up a good show.

We must also mention the sudden loss of Raj Lakhani – who was only 62 years old, he was the WDHA Superkings co-ordinator and it was fitting that his team should take the title, together with runner-up title in Division 2, our condolences to the members of his family and t0 the Hindu Community.

2. Apologies

Received from: K J Marchant, D Waples, V Papiernik

3. Roll Call

Representation from: Chesterwell, Higham Band, Higham Harriers, Old Grammarians, Stanwick VHTTC, St John, Wanderers, WDHA, Westfield  and Thrapston – All 10 Clubs represented – no fines.  

4. Minutes of previous AGM

These had been circulated at least 2 weeks before the meeting. They were accepted as a true record and duly signed.

Proposed:  R Ellingham, seconded N Magee

5. Matters arising


6. Secretary’s Report

All Correspondence has been dealt over the course of the season by the management committee. Including any information received from Table Tennis England, and it has been a fairly trouble free season.

We had an issue once again with Individual membership in that we had to fine a club and deduct points from the team as they fielded a player who had not renewed their subscription before they played.

This year there is an option on TT365 for Clubs to have the responsibility to renew their own membership directly, if this is something Clubs would like to do, please have a look on the website and make sure whichever way you pay that your players are eligible to play to avoid this happening again.

The continued proposal from TT England to increase the Individual membership fees as part of their 5 year programme will see a £2.00 increase per senior and £1.00 for juniors. Fees:  Seniors £16. Junior/Cadet £8. Associate Members – Free of charge

 It is important that members update their contact details when they renew their membership or let me know of any amendments if paying through the League, especially contact telephone numbers and email addresses.


(PL) Old Grammarians: Can we continue to pay through the League – (DK) responded yes this option is still available 

 (GE) Stanwick: What date is the renewal? (DK) responded August 1st. (DCA) £16 is expensive if only play a couple of times in addition to League fees? (RE): Wanderers responded that their members only play when they play and fees worked out accordingly.

7. Treasurer’s Report

Doreen sent a report as follows and Clare Coles had circulated a copy of the balance sheet.  

 A balance of   £4763.16 

Current Account                 69.30

Deposit Account             4693.86

 Sorry I have been unable to come to this evening as I have been admitted to hospital with pneumonia. I think the balance sheet is fairly self-explanatory. There has been a significant rise in fines this year mainly from failure to fulfil challenge cup fixtures. Therefore I would advise you to opt out of the cup if you don’t want to play it.

We end the season £43 down on last year, although we are still awaiting reimbursement of £19.50 for trophies purchased on behalf of Seoni Clothing for the Seoni Merit Awards. I will continue to chase this us. We also do not have a sponsor for the Top 8 Tournament

I am willing to continue on this role for the forthcoming season.’

 Clare said that Doreen was recovering after a course of IV antibiotics.

 Balance sheet was accepted - proposed by C Lord – seconded by G Neville

 8. Registration Officers Report

There have been a couple of issues with players not being ranked in teams according to their current rankings. This has resulted in one of the proposed Rule changes tonight, which we will discuss at the appropriate item on the agenda.

 From May 25th 2018, there are new data privacy regulations coming into force and I will need your permission to be able to contact you by telephone, email and post. I do not have access to any financial data, and if you pay your Individual membership directly to TT England through TT365, you will also have to give them permission – policy documents can be seen on the website.

Discussion took place – perhaps a tick box on the entry forms?

Having held this position as acting registration officer along with my other roles – I would greatly appreciate someone from the meeting to take up this post and I will offer all the help I can – we are in need of some additional help on the committee – are there any takers?

9. Challenge Cup Report

During this competition it covered a range of emotions from pessimistic to utopian. Both myself and Alan Hill were disappointed when the holders pulled out in the 2nd round. We had a dispute which needed a match to be played at a neutral venue, plus the usual couple of moans about handicap – the side in question losing by 3 points.

I watched one of the semi-finals and felt it was treated more like a League match instead of a Challenge Trophy as play was rather cautious and players not up to their usual standard.

The final was a good contest, but I felt that again, one team played a more defensive game and did not go for shots.

Thanks to Alan Hill in helping with the handicapping and scoring on the night and to Deirdre for admin support and providing the refreshments.

(VP) WDHA also mentioned the passing of Super Kings Team contact and mentor Raj Lakhani – it was fitting that his team were the winners of the Challenge Trophy for 2017-18 – he would have been very proud of them.

Questions: Is there a formula for how handicap is worked out?

(DCA) responded it is based on best 3 players turning out, League positions at the time of the draw and historic knowledge of players performance? 

(VP) of WDHA said that teams needed an incentive to fight for every point perhaps it would be better to have a formula as a starting point and wasn’t questioning DCA’s integrity.

 (CL) OG’s could we have a points structure for each team? So that there was a starting point for teams to understand how points were arrived at.

 i.e  if team from         Div 1 plays Div 2 then handicap is between 150-200 points

                                      Div 1 plays Div 3 then handicap is between 250-300 points

                                      Div 2 plays Div 3 then handicap is between 150-200 points

 (DCA) responded that a team at the bottom of Division 3, playing a team at top of Division 1 would probably still need over 300 points.

(RE) Wanderers: A fixture problem was encountered this year as 2 of their teams were both drawn to play at home on same day despite the form being filled in stating how many teams can be accommodated at home – (DCA) stated that if the club has 3 nights available then he would expect 3 teams to be accommodated at home, and apologised as that this was an error, but sometimes we do have to manipulate the home and away sides to accommodate teams in their venues.

General comments: The planning of the cup weeks in the fixtures should be looked at so as not to be either side of Christmas. DK noted

(GN) Stanwick: said that Daventry run a blind handicap where each game starts at scratch and a sealed envelope provided to be opened at the end of the match to determine the handicap and therefore the winner.

After a general discussion: all Clubs voted in favour of giving this a trial for the forthcoming season so that all points have to be played for and teams don’t  settle just for enough to cover the handicap as you still would not know the outcome until the envelope was opened.

10. Press Officers Report 

(DK) this all seems to run itself as I just type the reports from the Divisional Officers and enter the scores onto TT365. We are still having to settle for limited coverage – one Division printed each week, with the full report as always placed on our website and on the Newspapers website.  

There is a facility available this coming season for teams to enter their own results directly onto TT365 which need to be verified by an independent person (could be a Divisional Officer or the opposition) Perhaps this is something teams would be interested in but the logistics of this would need to be looked into, but it could possibly lessen the load on me for entering all the scoresheets.

Table Tennis 365 is a great facility and I trust those of you who are computer literate are managing to see a lot of information on there, if there is anything you would like to see, let me know and I will try to accommodate it.

Discussion: Some teams would be happy to do this, others not so. Perhaps this could be done by the Divisional Secretaries themselves as all scoresheets go through to them?

11. Rule Changes


Discuss changes as follows: (a) (b) (c)

  1. Ranking of players within teams to be decided by current league ranking table and strictly adhered to. or

  2. Clubs may register players in any team, regardless of merit but players will only be eligible to play for that one team. No player will be allowed to play in a higher or lower team unless seeking a transfer through the Registration Officer and management committee.

Following discussion:      

Option 1 rejected.  

Option 2 was discussed – players entered in teams where they like within reason – still to be left to the discretion of the management committee as already stated in the rules.   THEREFORE NO CHANGES –  TO BE MONITORED BY THE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE.


5. Matches

Discuss 5(f) - number of players in a team.

Possibly have a   League which is run with teams of 2 players each game to score 2 points - making a total of 10 points. – Could have more Divisions with more teams but may be difficult for extra nights for venues

Good idea in theory for some clubs – Clubs did not want to take this option look at the possibility of running it alongside a normal 3 a side league in the future or during the summer.

Alternative is to fine teams for turning up with 2 players.  – UNANIMOUSLY REJECTED.

14. Challenge Trophy Rules:

A reminder that teams do not have to enter the competition - please mark the Registration Form clearly.

(c) Points will be determined by the Challenge Trophy Committee - to read as follows:

Points will be decided by the Challenge Trophy Committee, this will  be decided on the basis of   the top  3 ranked players will be fielded. – AGREED to include the scoring format discussed earlier.

 (h) Away teams to contact opponents to confirm home night - to read as follows:

The match night and venue to be decided by team drawn at Home. Away side must contact at least 7 days before match to confirm fixture. Failure to comply will result in the Away team presumed to have forfeited the game. AGREED

 12. Election of Officers

Chairman – K Marchant   Vice Chairman – vacant                  Treasurer - D Waples                                                Secretary – D Kiziak           Press Officer – D Kiziak  

Acting Registration Officer – D Kiziak        Challenge Trophy Committee - D C Allen, A Hill, D Kiziak

Proposed on block by acting Chairman Alan Hill - seconded by Roger Ellingham and carried unanimously 

13. Any other business

a)   Clare asked if the League would consider electronic banking, using a Lloyds Bank App?

       To be discussed at the Management Committee meeting.        

 b)  Ranking List – (GN) Stanwick, how was this progressing? (KB) Westfield/County Representative we were still at stalemate with this issue, development of functionality from TTE is ongoing as names appearing on the list not relevant to Northamptonshire.


c)  Sponsor required for Divisional Top 8 and Challenge Trophy Competition required as nothing forthcoming from Harish Thakrar so far. DK has contacted him and has arranged for a photograph of the winners of the recent Challenge Trophy to be delivered to him, hoping he would be willing to continue to sponsor the event.

 AH thanked everyone for attending – and wished Ken and Doreen a speedy return to good health, and a safe journey home for everyone else.

 Meeting closed at 9.45pm


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