If you would like to join a table tennis club in Warwickshire and don't know what's on offer in your area, the the Secretary of the local league or directly affiliated club whose details are given in the Leagues seciton is your best point of first contact. In addition the Leamington League provides the answers to some frequently asked questions by those wanting to join a club on its web site which can be accessed here

The club structure in table tennis varies immensely, many clubs, even those with several teams are essentially just groups of people who play together in a league and sometimes practice together. "Real" Clubs, those which offer structured coaching, have practice times, and play together in league competition are a small subset of those in the county.

The list below is not comprehensive but should give a starting point for somebody trying to find a club


Colebridge TTC


Pheonix TTC


Leamington League keeps an email list of its members and is happy to circulate requests to play for a team in its League to them. This has proved an easy way for new players to find a team needing an extra player. Please email the Leamington General Secretary if you would like to do this, it helps if you say whether you have any previous experience

Lillington Free Church TTC




Rugby TTC

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