Warwickshire Juniors start well

So the First day of the Junior county shows Warwickshire Winning 2 and Draw 1 with some fantastic matches from all that who had played.

Two new comers to the team in Nikit Sajiv and Emily Beasley showed great determination and played outstanding on the debuts for the first County Junior weekend. We also had Ricardo Bolanos, Jack Green and Lisa Rinnhofer out to play against Norfolk, Worcestershire and Lincolnshire.

We started off the day playing a very strong Lincolnshire side who we managed to beat 6-4. We then came up against Worcestershire who  we drew 5-5 to but with some hard fought losses From Nikit and Ricardo Who lost a few matches close in the 5 sets. Whoever they regained some great form and beat Norfolk 7-3 in the final match.

I would to say a massive thank you to Jo Outhwaite for coming along and umpiring and for the great team support from everyone in the not just the team but the Squad of players that I have available thank you to Sam Caffearo for showing your support to your team. 

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