County Championships Divisions for 2012-13

At the County Championships conference yesterday the Divisions for 2012-13 were announced

Warwickshire Senior A play in Senior Division 1A

 Cheshire I
 Leicestershire 1
 Suffolk 1
 Warwickshire 1
 Yorkshire 2

Warwickshire Senior B play in Senior Division 2B

 Cornwall 2
 Devon 2
 Dorset 2
 Warwickshire 2

Warwickshire Juniors remain in the Junior Premier Division

 Essex 1
 Glamorgan 1
 Lincolnshire 1
 Middlesex 1
 Sussex 1
 Yorkshire 1

Warwickshire Cadets are again in Division 1B

Warwickshire Veterans play in Veteran 2A
 Bedfordshire 1
 Cambridgeshire 1
 Cheshire 2
 Essex 2
 South Yorkshire
 Yorkshire 3
 Yorkshire 4

Warwickshire Over 60's play in Over 60 Division 1A

 Cheshire 1
 Cheshire 2
 Yorkshire 2

Author: via Warwickshire Table Tennis Association
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