Worcestershire just too good

The Worcestershire squad was just too strong for Warwickshire Over 60's in the County Over 60's match at Colebridge yesterday, only Malcolm Macfarlane was able to take a win, coming back from 2 games down to take Chris Maiden, most of the other games were comfortable for the strong Worcestershire line up of Ray Dixon, Pat McCabe, Chris Maiden and Margaret Dignum.

The outstanding exception was the final match between Ray Dixon and Pat Glynn, it ebbed one way and then the other and it was fitting for the match to reach 10-10 in the fifth game. Ray then produced some outstanding shots to take the last two points to condemn the Warwickshire Squad of Pat Glynn, John Taylor, Malcolm Macfarlane and Marion Dixon to a 1-9 loss.

Thanks go to the County umpires secretary Inky Moss for umpiring the match and to several Colebridge members who came in to watch

Author: via Warwickshire Table Tennis Association
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