Code of Good Conduct

By signing the Butterfly Team Championship of Wales individual registration form, entry form, or otherwise by entering this or other Welsh competitions, each player commits to the following code:

Each player agrees:

  1. To participate in Team Championship of Wales events and any other events arranged by TTAW in a calm & dignified fashion
  2. To display courtesy and good manners to all players and officials (although the shaking of hands is not mandatory)
  3. Never to use bad language
  4. Never to act in any intimidatory or disruptive fashion in or out of the hall
  5. To proceed with all matches without delay or prevarication
  6. To accept the decision of umpires or officials immediately & with good grace

Each player understands that should the designated official in charge for the day consider there is a breach of the above the player concerned may be required to no longer participate and leave the premises. In such circumstances the players licence may be suspended forthwith and be subject to immediate suspension & disciplinary proceedings.

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