Trafford and District Table Tennis League and Cup Rules


I.          The League shall be called the "Trafford and District Table Tennis League".


2.         The League shall consist of all the constituent clubs together with a President and such Vice Presidents as shall be decided by the AGM.


3.        The affairs of the League shall be managed by a Management Committee, consisting of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, League Match Secretary, Cup and Competition Secretaries, Fixture Secretary, Coaching Secretary and Inter League Secretary.  All clubs must nominate a Club Representative as a serving member of the committee. This member must be nominated on the Club Application Form.  The quorum for a Management Committee meeting shall be 5.


4.        The Management Committee shall have power to:-


            a)         Elect a deputy Chairman from its members.

            b)         Accept or reject any applications from either clubs or individuals.

            c)         Fill any casual vacancies occurring amongst the officers of the League and co-opt any member or members of the League whom it considers qualified to assist in administering the affairs of the League.

            d)         Deal with all protests. claims, disputes and reports.  All protests, claims or complaints must be made in writing.

            e)         Take disciplinary action against any club or player for misconduct or infringement of rules, subject to an appeal to an Extraordinary General Meeting.

            f)          Organise any social event as shall be decided.

            g)         Decide all questions for which no provision is made in these rules.


5.           There shall be an Annual Registration Fee for each team, the amount of which to be decided at the AGM. These fees to be paid to the Treasurer at the Secretaries Meeting held prior to the beginning of the season and shall be inclusive of the Players Registration Handbook.


6.           A player shall not take part in a match until the Secretary of his club has received a Certificate of Registration for that player.  No player shall be eligible for registration after 25th December.  Cases of hardship shall be referred to the Management Committee.


7.        The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the League shall be held in late May or early June. and 28 days notice will be given.  A quorum shall be 15 members or representatives from 4 clubs.  The business of the AGM shall be :-


            a)         To confirm the minutes of the AGM of the previous year, and of any Extraordinary General Meeting.

            b)         To receive the reports of the Secretary and the Treasurer’s statement of  accounts duly audited.

            c)         To elect the President, Vice Presidents, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, League Match Secretary, Cup and Competition Secretaries.  Fixture Secretary, Coaching Secretary, Inter League Secretaries and Auditor.

            d)         To make any alterations of, or additions to any rules, due notice of which shall be given to the League Secretary, 21 days prior to the meeting.

            e)         Club Secretaries will be notified at least 7 days prior to the AGM of any proposed alterations to these rules.

            f)          Rules 1 to 9 may only be altered :-


                       i)          At an AGM

                       ii)           At an Extraordinary General Meeting called for the purpose.  Such a meeting shall be called within 21 days of request by the Management Committee or of any 15 members.  Notice of the meeting and its objectives shall be given to the members not less than 7 days prior to such meeting.  At an Extraordinary General Meeting a motion can be carried only by an affirmative vote of two thirds of the members present.


            g)         Rules 10 onwards may be altered at a Management Committee Meeting.


               h)         Any club not represented at the AGM shall be fined for non-attendance.  The fine shall be £5.


8.           The President, Vice Presidents, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, League Match Secretary, Cup and Competition Secretaries, Fixture Secretary, Coaching Secretary, Inter League Secretaries retire annually, but shall be eligible for re-election.  Nomination for election of officers shall be made at the AGM. In the event of two candidates tying, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.


9.            The accounts of the League shall be available for inspection at least 7 days before the AGM and shall reflect the seasons transactions.  The League accounting records shall be available for inspection at the AGM.



10.         All applications for membership of the League must be sent in writing to the League Secretary to be received by him or her on or before 1st July. This must be accompanied with full team details.  Failure to comply by this date could result in teams being omitted from the League programme.


11.        a).         A cup will be presented to the club winning the Championship of each division.  The following trophies will also be competed for:

                            Knock-out Cup, Handicap Cup, Men's Singles, League Doubles, Veterans, Ladies Singles, Junior singles and Mixed Doubles.  The trophies will never become the property of any team or individual player, but will be competed for annually.  Medals and other prizes won by players in any competition will remain their own property.

            b)         The receipt of a perpetual Trophy carries with it the undertaking to return it on or before the presentation evening, cleaned and in a presentable condition.


12.         In the case of a tie or ties for championship of a division, promotion or relegation, the decision shall rest on sets ratio.


13.       Clubs may enter as many teams as they wish, provided they pay the entrance fees as specified in Rule 5.


14.         Three players will constitute a team.  


15.       a)          Club secretaries shall supply a ranking list to the Match Secretary, at the Secretaries Meeting prior to the commencement of the season and then on the first Monday in each month if changes are to be made.

            b)          Players 1 to 3 shall constitute the first team, 4 downwards will constitute the second and other teams.

            c)           All registered players must be ranked in order of playing ability.

                             Parallel ranking is permitted with the agreement of the Match Secretary but players who are parallel ranked cannot assist any team other than the one for which they are ranked in either League or Knockout Cup matches.  

                             If a team does not play in accordance with the current ranking list, the penalty shall be the forfeit of the match.

                             If a Player does not play in a League match for 4 consecutive weeks, his name shall be removed from the ranking list, but on return he shall occupy the position previously held.

             d)         A player may assist a team above the one for which he is ranked. but he shall not assist a lower team. The penalty for so doing shall be the forfeit of the match by the team for which he illegally plays.

             e)         Any postponed match must be played in accordance with the ranking list and registration list in operation on the original date.  Cases of hardship may be referred to the Management Committee.


16.        a)       Each player shall play against each other and there shall be a doubles set of any pairing, each team having the option of playing a fourth player in the doubles.

             b)       The home team must declare their doubles first, and order of play shall be alternate choice.

             c)         Sets are the best of three games.

             d)         If a player cannot fulfil a fixture and no substitute is available, the remaining players may occupy their normal team positions. (i.e. No.1 missing, no substitute, remaining team members play 2 & 3 if appropriate).


17.       The match shall be played to a finish and points will be awarded on the basis of one point per set (i.e. 10 points per match).


18.       All matches shall start by 7.30pm. If by 7.45pm a team is not represented, the opposing team, providing it has at least two players present, shall have the option of claiming the match and the points.


 19.      If by 8.15pm all possible sets have been played, and the continuity of' the match has been stopped by the non-attendance of a player or players, the team which has a full team present shall have the option of claiming the whole of the sets which remain to be played.  The sets of any player not present by 8.15pm (unless by prior agreement) may be claimed by the opposing team.


20.       All matches must be played during or before the week allocated except :-


            a)         In exceptional circumstances which must be agreed with the Match Secretary.

            b)         To accommodate cup or interleague matches on a scheduled league fixture night. These  matches have priority over League matches. 

In the event of a team not fulfilling an engagement, the opposing team shall be awarded the sets and the points.


21.       League score cards will be used and the cards will be signed by the captains of both teams.  The card must be sent to the Match Secretary by the winning team, or the home team in the event of a draw.  The Match Secretary will allow 5 playing days for receipt of the card, after which 1 point may be deducted from those points gained by the team responsible for submitting the card.


22.       The Management Committee may promote or relegate teams at their discretion.  New teams will be allocated positions within the divisional structure based on playing strength or otherwise where the Committee decide.


23.       Any registered player wishing to transfer to another club after the start of the season can only do so provided he/she obtains the correct transfer form from the League Secretary to whom it should be returned after completion.  The transferred player may not play for the new club until the club secretary has received a certificate of registration.  No transfers may take place after 25th December.


24.       Club secretaries are responsible for notifying all other clubs, together with the League Secretary and Match Secretary of any alterations to particulars of clubs which have been printed in the handbook.


25.       The umpires for each game shall be mutually agreed upon, and the scoring shall be undertaken alternatively by members of the home and visiting teams.





            a)         The names of competing teams shall be drawn from the hat.

            b)         The final shall be played on a neutral table.

            c)         Teams shall consist of 3 players and play in accordance with rules 15 &16, each team having the option of using a fourth player in the doubles.

            d)          No player may assist 2 teams in any one round.

            e)          To avoid replays in all rounds should the score stand at 5 sets each, a second doubles must be played, made up of players who have not previously played together.

            f)           No player will be eligible to play in the 4th and subsequent rounds unless he/she has played in at least 3 league matches.

            g)          Where there are weeks in the fixture list for cup rounds the match will be played on the home teams usual match night.  In the event of 2 teams from one club sharing the same match night, the rule for the subsequent rounds will apply as follows:-


                        i)           On receipt of the draw the HOME team shall, within 4 days, offer the visiting team 3 dates on which it is possible to play the match.

                        ii)          The VISITING team shall within 2 days, accept one of the dates offered.





The Management Committee, or nominated Sub-committee shall determine the eligibility of players, handicaps and the method by which the handicaps are applied.

The chosen handicaps and method of play to be notified to club secretaries along with the draw.  If necessary the committee will determine the match procedure.

No player will be eligible to play unless they have played in at least 4 League matches before the halfway stage of the season.



28.         In order to enter the League Championships, all registered players must have played in 6 qualifying league matches by the end of February.  Any cases of hardship may be referred to the Management Committee.


29.        No Player shall be eligible to play for a Trafford representative team unless they play regularly in the League.


30.          In the 1st division, bats must have bright red rubber on one side and black on the other.  This ETTA rule also applies to Inter-League matches.



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