The Committee of the Trafford & District Table Tennis League hope that all members and your families have had a very Merry Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year for 2019.

The League is now back up and running after the break, with league matches resuming this week.

We're currently at the halfway point of the season and the league tables are taking shape.

The Knockout Cup has been played alongside the League matches with Flixton Pumas and Brookway 2nd being successful in battling their way through to the final, date TBC. Congratulations and good luck to both teams in the final.

This seasons' Handicap Cup draw has been made. Fixtures & handicaps have been emailed out by the Cup Secretary and the table will also available to see in the Information Menu in the next couple of days. 1st Round matches will take place W/C Monday 14th January.

Again, please can teams ensure that ALL matches are completed by the end of the season. There WILL NOT be any ‘we’ve called it a draw’ matches as it's not fair on other teams who have made the extra effort to do so. Any unplayed matches will be allocated a score by the committee taking all factors into consideration. The large amount of postponed matches thus far as shown below (25) is rather disappointing. There are obviously times where this is unavoidable, including unforeseen problems at Brookway & Ashton’s venues for a couple of weeks, however, matches can and SHOULD still be played where possible, especially if there are two players available on a team (as some teams already do)!

For any further matches that absolutely have to be postponed, please advise the Match Secretary ASAP so he’s not left guessing what is happening, thank you.


Outstanding matches:-

PREM – TUE 11/09/18 – Brookway 1st v Brookway 3rd

PREM – TUE 02/10/18 – Ashton Hawks v Heyes Grove Gold

PREM – Tue 09/10/18 – Brookway 3rd v Affinity

PREM – Tue 30/10/18 – Ashton Hawks v Oldfield 1st

PREM – Tue 04/12/18 – Stretford Eagles v Oldfield 1st

PREM – Wed 05/12/18 – Oldfield 2nd v Flixton Pumas

PREM – Tue 18/12/18 – Brookway 2nd v Brookway 1st

PREM – Tue 01/01/19 – Brookway 2nd v Oldfield 1st

PREM – Tue 01/01/19 – Brookway 3rd v Brookway 1st

PREM – Wed 02/01/19 – Oldfield 2nd v Ashton Hawks

ONE   - Tue 11/09/18 – Brookway 4th v Flixton Panthers

ONE   - Tue 09/10/18 – Brookway 4th v Heyes Grove Silver

ONE   - Tue 23/10/19 - Flixton Foxes v Flixton Panthers

ONE   - Tue 13/11/18 – Stretford Condors v Flixton Panthers

ONE   - Mon 03/12/18 – Ashton Phoenix v Flixton Foxes

ONE   - Wed 05/12/18 – Flixton Panthers v Heyes Grove Silver

ONE   - Tue 11/12/18 – Flixton Foxes v Stretford Condors

ONE   - Tue 01/01/19 – Flixton Foxes v Heyes Grove Orange

TWO  - Mon 10/09/18 – South Manchester Tigers v Stretford Falcons

TWO  - Wed 19/09/18 – MDA Beta Blockers v South Manchester Tigers

TWO  - Mon 22/10/18 – South Manchester Tigers v South Manchester Panthers

TWO  - Tue 23/10/18 – Heyes Grove Blue v Heyes Grove Purple

TWO  - Tue 13/10/18 – Heyes Grove Blue v Heyes Grove Green

TWO  - Mon 10/12/18 – Kings Road TTC v Heyes Grove Red

TWO  - Tue 01/01/19 – Heyes Grove Yellow v Kings Road TTC


Good luck to everyone for the remainder of the season.


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