Dear all.

The new season 2018/19 is now upon us and if you haven’t been playing or practising over the summer then it’s time to dust the moths off your bat and get ready to commence battle.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone good luck and hope your teams have some great, enjoyable and friendly matches.  In the meantime, just a quick few things:-

All the league fixtures are available to see here for the coming season, as well as plenty of other information in the ‘Archive’ menu. (Anything else at all you’d like to see on the website, or maybe you have any old photos we can show, please let me know, Matt).  The draws for this year’s Cup competitions will be posted in due course.

If applicable, please note that all Brookway home matches start at 19.00hrs, as do all Kings Road home matches; plus all Affinity home matches will start at 20.00hrs.

Please ensure all players' 'TT England' fees have been paid prior to playing a match, else their games will automatically be forfeited.

League matchcards to be sent to Matt Coups (Match Secretary) and Cup matchcards to John Eardley (Cup Secretary).  It would be extremely helpful if these could be sent online either by email or WhatsApp  -  please send FULLY completed matchcards ASAP (remember to complete the doubles section so I don’t have to chase this up!…)

Please advise Matt Coups (Match Secretary) of any match postponements plus the reason why, and make your best efforts to rearrange them asap; so everyone's not playing 'catch-up' near the end of the season.  The Trafford league is extremely lenient in allowing numerous matches to be postponed; a 30-second courtesy email/text from either team would be appreciated back so we’re not left guessing if a match has been played or not.  This can then also be shown on this website, thank you.

Any matches not fulfilled at the end of the season WILL NOT just be called a 5-5 draw as this is unfair to other teams – a score will be allocated by the committee taking various things into account.

The big questions - will the newly promoted teams be able to make a mark in their new divisions!?  Will the relegated teams be able to bounce straight back up again!?  How will the two new teams in Division 2, plus Oldfield 2nd in the Prem fare?  Will anyone be able to stop the might of Flixton Pumas doing another ‘clean sweep’!?  and will Darren Morgan be able to keep his tongue in his mouth when he serves!?  All will be revealed…..

On that bombshell, enjoy yourselves, play fair and have a great season.

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