Trafford League at Christmas

The Committee of the Trafford & District Table Tennis League would like to wish all members and their families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2018.

The League is on a short break now, with League matches resuming W/C Monday 1st January 2018.

We're currently at the halfway point of the season and the league tables are taking shape.

The Knockout Cup has been played alongside the League matches with Flixton Pumas and Brookway 1st successfully battling their way through to the final, date TBC. Congratulations and good luck to both teams in the final.

This seasons' Handicap Cup draw has been made. Fixtures & handicaps have been emailed out by the Cup Secretary and the table is also available to see in the Information Menu.

The TT365 website itself has evolved a fair bit from last season and there will be a few more features to come in the future. Please let Matt Coups know if you have any thoughts/opinions about the website.


Matchcards - This season, over a quarter of matchcards received so far have not had the players names on for the doubles match. Please can everyone ensure the card is fully completed so we're not left chasing up who played, thanks.


Ensuring matches are played:-

Please can teams ensure that ALL matches are completed by the end of the season as it's not fair on other teams who have made the extra effort to do so, plus it's far better having the actual matches played rather than an artificial score be allocated by the committee (any un-played matches will not automatically be awarded 10-0). Remember you can always rearrange a future match and play it earlier than scheduled. Please do your utmost to play every match. Note - matches can and SHOULD still be played even if only two players are available!


Outstanding matches:-

PREM - Tue 12/09/17 - Brookway 1st v Affinity

PREM - Tue 12/09/17 - Ashton Hawks v Oldfield

PREM - Thu 21/09/17 - Affinity v Flixton Pumas

PREM - Tue 03/10/17 - Brookway 1st v Brookway 2nd

PREM - Tue 10/10/17 - Ashton Hawks v Brookway 3rd

PREM - Wed 25/10/17 - Poynton v Brookway 2nd

PREM - Tue 31/10/17 - Stretford Eagles v Brookway 1st

PREM - Tue 31/10/17 - Oldfield v Poynton

PREM - Tue 05/12/17 - Brookway 2nd v Oldfield

PREM - Tue 12/12/17 - Brookway 3rd v Affinity (awaiting matchcard from Affinity)

PREM - Tue 12/12/17 - Ashton Hawks v Brookway 2nd


DIV 1 - Mon 13/11/17 - South Manchester Panthers v Flixton Ferrets

DIV 1 - Tue 14/11/17 - Brookway 5th v Heyes Grove Orange


DIV 2 - Mon 11/09/17 - Heyes Grove Red v Heyes Grove Yellow

DIV 2 - Tue 24/10/17 - Stretford Condors v Heyes Grove Purple


All matchcards received have been entered. If you see anything amiss on the website, please get in contact with the Match Secretary / Website Administrator, Matt Coups.


There is an Interleague tournament taking place on Sunday 14th January 2018, further details and the Entry Form are available within the appropriate News article.


Once again, have a great Christmas & New Year and good luck for the remainder of the season.


In the meantime, here's Darren Morgan, Feray Clark, Dave Freeston, Craig Aston & Greg Hammond doing their finest elf dancing :)



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