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Until recently, any problems, queries or suggestions from an individual TT365 League Admin member such as myself (I think there's over 180+ T.T. leagues that use this software - which has been around for approximately 8 years) has all gone via email through to the very few TT365 'Big Cheese' Administrators, who do a great job in helping us League Admins set up new leagues each season and anything/everything encompassed within it (though once you've done it a couple of times it's fairly simple to get the hang of).


However, they have recently set up a very helpful forum within the admin section where all individual League Admins can post questions/queries/suggestions/answers etc if they want to.

This is currently leading to many good suggestions for things that can, and mostly will, be incorporated into the TT365 website that you all see, some are on the admin side and others are on our public Trafford website.


Some suggestions for the public TT365 website that have been made and will probably/hopefully happen within a few months are:-


·         Previous Head-to-Head Results from the current and previous seasons - also, perhaps if not at first, I would guess that a time will come when you will see ALL previous H2H clashes shown over ALL TT365 leagues.

·         Filter to separate the Ranking List into Divisions, so you can easily see where you are amongst your regular opponents.

·         Full Cup Competition Results

·         Currently, one on-going 'War and Peace' discussion is about players being able to input scorecards themselves, with the admin side for NOT wanting this far outweighing the opposition for various reasons. This will however, become available for the leagues that want it if they so wish.  For larger leagues that have hundreds of players and over a thousand matchcards to enter over a season; I can see that this would be a huge help to whoever inputs those cards, however, I think for the time being in the Trafford League we'll leave it how it is :)


One thing recently(ish) added is the League Ranking List (granted it can be pretty complicated to understand how it works) which, for info, does also take players' results from their matches in other leagues than run the TT365 website, therefore giving a better overall picture of where that player is ranked.

With this being fairly new, it's fair to say that it's not yet 100% accurate, however, the more time goes on the more accurate it will become. (When it first started they had to do their best with a 'mathematical formula' to get a decent understanding of where players were currently ranked from the sample of matches that were available at the time - as said, this will therefore become much more accurate as we all play more matches and it's incorporated (monthly) into the Rankings).


For info - with the Ranking System in mind, the below is part of a post by one of the TT365 'Big Cheese' admins which, whilst may be of no interest to a lot of people who just want to play in their local league, could open the door in the future for anyone who might wish to play a tournament against other players of a similar standard:-


"I believe that once the national rankings become fully accurate, it will lead to an explosion of table tennis events at the local level. These events could be banded knock-out's or even handicap based, but ultimately, the idea you can take your points from local league and use them to ensure you play at the right level in a competition in a neighbouring county for me is a massive plus.

Currently this kind of thinking is reserved for the elite players, who have TTE rankings and play British League and such, but why should a division 3 player who fancies a Saturday away, playing players he's never faced before, find himself thwarted, when we have a solution now to this problem.

I for one look forward to the time when a player from Crewe can enter an event in Nottingham and know that he will get good quality games, because this ranking ensures this".


If anyone has any suggestions for anything they think would be helpful to others on the Trafford website, or for anything you'd like to see/not see on the Home Page or anywhere within the website itself, please send me an email (

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