Present: Peter Kent (chair), Rod Barr, Dave Hyde, Phillip Kibble, Iain Lindsay, Alan Thompson, Fred Wakefield, Ray Wood, Tony Woodward.

Apologies for absence: Phillip Kibble. Rothersthorpe consequently the only club not represented. The meeting agreed to waive non-attendance fine and Phillip would be asked to nominate a deputy.

Matters arising from last meeting:

·         Roade’s absence from last meeting due to illness – the meeting agreed to waive the fine.

·         Dave confirmed he had identified a suitable keepsake for the league to commemorate Sue Gibbons’ 90th birthday and long table tennis career; he would liaise with Rod over wording to be engraved.

·         Annual Tournament dates and format – in Ian Brown’s absence, defer till next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Mike reported current funds of £3,175.25 and he presented audited accounts for the previous season. No further news over the unrecorded/missing cheque for Roade’s registration fees two seasons ago – the meeting agreed to close this matter.

Fixtures, Handbooks & Scorecards: Fixtures had been compiled by Jane & Mike Hobson – Rod had thanked them for their work. Rod had circulated advance copies to all clubs, had prepared the new handbook draft and arranged for Nigel Corbett to produce books and scorecards. Dave organized the necessary distribution at the meeting and all present were asked to check that key contact details were correct. It was noted that if teams wished to move matches scheduled in week commencing 17th December to week commencing 1st January 2019, this would be a legitimate re-arrangement not a postponement.

Website & Player Registration: Rod had set up the new season on the TT365 website and assigned all players so far notified to him to relevant teams. All clubs were informed of those players currently ineligible due to expired TTE memberships. It was confirmed that any players appearing in matches whilst ineligible would forfeit any points won.

County/National Report:                                                                                                                                       

·         Teams registered in the county’s leagues this season (and difference to last season) –                     Daventry 14 (-1), Towcester 20 (-1), Northampton 23 (-1), Wellingborough 26 (-3), Kettering 33.

·         Next county meeting 24th September – Mike and Rod to attend.

Next Meeting: THURSDAY 15th November (no scheduled matches).


·         Alan broached an idea to possibly encourage additional participation, especially from juniors, namely to hold some Daventry home matches on Saturday mornings. The meeting reached no consensus about this idea and Alan would canvass opinions throughout the season.

·         Rod drew attention to the website key advice items for players which included playing up, serving and postponements rules. Whilst waiting for formal amendment to the current rules on this latter topic he thought it very important everyone understood what the rules intended to police and that everyone applied the same criteria. Iain said he had already written to all Division One teams reminding them he needed prompt advice of any postponements and of the need for early re-arrangement. He had not mentioned any limit on the number of outstanding matches. Rod said we shouldn’t be issuing conflicting information, so he would amend the website notice.


Meeting closed at 8.50pm.

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