Present: Alan Thompson (chair), Rod Barr, Eddie Dennis, Dave Hyde, Iain Lindsay, Mike Perry, Ray Wood, Tony Woodward.

Apologies for absence: Peter Kent, Phillip Kibble.

Rothersthorpe was the only club not represented. For the second successive meeting the Committee agreed to waive a non-attendance fine and Phillip would again be asked to nominate a deputy.

Matters arising from last meeting:

·         Dave showed the engraved glass bowl to commemorate Sue Gibbons’ 90th birthday and long table tennis career; he would agree a date for the presentation at Bugbrooke with Rod.

Treasurer’s Report: Mike reported current funds of £2,805.25 to be reduced by payments for the Sue Gibbons’ bowl and meeting hall hire.

Divisional Progress Reports:

·         Division One –

o    Iain reported on two postponements v Daventry Aces by Bugbrooke A and Gayton A, both because of player unavailability and the latter clashing with a Northampton league match. Both matches had been rearranged. This was a much improved situation to last season’s multiple postponements and Iain said he was focussing on the reasons for the postponements rather than the actual number of postponements. Rod suggested there was an opportunity to update the current rules (which were not being applied) at the January meeting. This prompted a wide-ranging discussion after which it was decided not to amend the rules mid-season but to continue on a ‘commonsense basis’.   

o    A case of player ineligibility had occurred when Roade’s John Crawford (then with no current TTE membership) won a singles match v Bugbrooke A. Tony confirmed John had since paid his membership and asked if the point could be counted. Contrary to repeated warnings to clubs, detailed meeting minutes, advice on the website and a rule with no ambiguity, one or two present seemed to favour this, but Alan said the rules should be applied consistently and fairly to all. Points won by ineligible players are awarded to the opposing team.

·         Division Two – no report but the following matches were outstanding:-

o    22nd October, Daventry Bees v Daventry Cees

o    29th October, Daventry Bees v Bugbrooke B

·         Division Three – Dave reported all matches played on time. One query of player eligibility – Rothersthorpe had fielded Andy Dickson versus YG Eagles, but Andy had not been registered and subsequently was found not to have any current TTE membership. In this event he would be ineligible and his results voided in favour of YG Eagles. It was agreed Rod would write to Phillip.

Player Registration & Data Protection: Rod had assigned 106 players so far notified to him to relevant teams. Some teams had returned their players’ GDPR agreement and Rod would amend their personal profiles to allow legitimate email contact from the league. He would chase up missing forms in due course.

Handicap Cup Draw: Mike conducted the exciting proceedings smoothly. He would email the draw to Rod for publication on the website. He would draw up a new ranking list and confer with Divisional Secretaries before issuing to clubs ready for Round One (w/c 3rd December). Alan noted that there were initially many byes and clubs should take advantage of this free week to play any league fixtures that were or might be a future problem.

Annual Tournament: Dave reported that except for Mondays and some weekends, hall hire at Bugbrooke was now very difficult to secure. There was general agreement that all day Saturday 30th March should be booked if available with Finals Evening taking place on Monday 1st April. It was noted this would place the Handicap Cup Final only a few days after the Semi Finals. Dave to confirm dates. Rod recalled that the last weekend tournament had been poorly attended so communication to clubs and teams was crucial.

Presentation Dinner: Mike volunteered to contact The Saracen’s Head and get a date booked in mid May if possible. Other arrangements to be confirmed at next meeting in January.

County/National Report: Mike and Rod had attended the 24th September County meeting in Wellingborough. The new temporary Chairman was Dave Rees and Henry Arthur had taken over the Coaching Secretary role. Henry would contact all clubs with junior players and had set up a new County Facebook site. There are funds available for leagues and/or clubs to apply for monetary assistance in achieving coaching qualifications. Next meeting 28th January. Rod explained about TTE’s appointment of a new IT partner to deliver the membership system. TT365 had not been successful in re-tendering. Discussions are ongoing about the League Manager platform/website which most leagues would not wish to see move away from TT365.

Next Meeting: Tuesday 29th January (only one scheduled match).


·         Alan explained that after organizing teams in the Towcester and Daventry leagues, Daventry Club had subsequently lost many players for a variety of reasons and this was causing ongoing issues in staffing all their teams. We would be kept informed if specific problems arise.

·         Ray confirmed that Yardley Gobion club would again organize and host the Vic Fisher Memorial Doubles event – probably in Cup week commencing 25th February but to be confirmed nearer the date.


Meeting closed at 9.15pm.
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