Present: Nick Howard (chairman), Rod Barr, Veronica Downing, Dan Giugno, Dave Hyde, Mike Perry,

Bob Read, Fred Wakefield, Ray Wood, Tony Woodward.

Apologies for absence: Eddie Dennis, Iain Lindsay, Everdon club (Peter Kent away, all others playing) – fine to be waived.

Matters arising from last meeting: Nick confirmed the Presentation Evening would be held on Saturday 20th May at The Saracens Head. Nick will organize but would still appreciate volunteers to help with ordering trophies, etc. Club secretaries to ensure perpetual trophies presented last year are returned in a clean condition to the Annual Tournament. Each and every club to be asked to donate at least one raffle prize.

Treasurer’s Report: No report in Peter’s absence. Rod to speak to him regarding update for next meeting.

Divisional Progress Reports: Considerable discussion ensued regarding the number of postponed/missing results. Nick said he was particularly disappointed; the reduced number of matches in Division One had been agreed partly to accommodate multiple-league players, to encourage full-strength teams and reduce postponements. Club secretaries should therefore remind their teams that having more than two matches postponed holds them liable to points deduction as per League Rule 9.

  • Division One – 6 matches outstanding. (Secretary’s note – at time of writing this now reduced to 4).

3 October, Daventry Aces v Towcester B

18 October, Gayton B v Gayton A

22 November, Gayton B v Towcester C

12 December, Daventry Aces v Roade

  • Division Two – 5 matches outstanding.

18 November, Towcester D v Daventry Fledglings

13 December, YG Eagles v Bugbrooke B

9 January, Everdon v Daventry Fledglings

13 January, Towcester D v Bugbrooke C

16 January, Bugbrooke C v Daventry Fledglings

  • Division Three – 1 match outstanding

2 December, Towcester E v YG Dogs

12 December, Bugbrooke D v Towcester E rearranged for 20 February

Everdon club had written to explain their shortage of players due to medical issues and unexpected work commitments and had asked if another player could be added to their team. There was general agreement that this was acceptable given the circumstances explained. Rod to deal with registration. Dave also mentioned that clubs should be careful when assigning players to teams so as not to contravene the ‘stronger player playing up’ Rule 7c.

Handicap Cup: Mike gave an update on progress up to Round Three which would feature the following teams (winning points margin from last round in brackets):-

Gayton C (2) v Bugbrooke B (2)

Towcester D (13) v Daventry Newcomers (9)

Daventry Fledglings (w/o) v Daventry Aces (15)

Towcester B (26) v Bugbrooke D (w/o)

Mike also distributed an amended scoresheet sporting an extra column to make calculating the running totals a little easier. It was noted that rankings were due to be updated before the next round and that the Semi Finals had to be fitted in to the league programme (most likely w/c March 13th or 20th). Results and match reports had been uploaded to the website as soon as they were received.

Vic Fisher Memorial Doubles: Ray confirmed he was ready to stage this event again on Tuesday 28th February (Cup week) at Yardley Gobion and he would issue entry forms shortly. It was agreed the draw would not wait for late arrivals thereby risking a late finish and play should commence no later than 7.30pm. 

Annual Tournament: 27th & 28th March. Finals 3rd April. Dave confirmed that the reduction of 2 tables on the Tuesday evening would necessarily reduce the total number of matches able to be played and possibly the number of events. Discussion over the tournament format ensued and although it was accepted that some players did not enter because they believed they would not get enough games over the first two nights play, various ideas were discussed including whether there should be a limit on the maximum events a player could enter, whether all the age-related events were necessary especially if they had the same entrants and whether Division One players should be excluded from the Plate. Nick would discuss with Ian and it was suggested that final decisions could be taken at the next meeting when all entries were in and the resultant number of matches could be calculated. Nick to arrange for a stock of tournament balls. Dave confirmed that all practical venue arrangements were covered.

County/National Report: Rod mentioned that Daventry Club had entered a junior side into the recent Regional 4 star tournament. It had been a baptism of fire with many of the opponents being highly ranked national players but Bob confirmed the team had competed in good spirits and this had been acknowledged at the recent County meeting.

In common with all sports governing bodies, Table Tennis England is to have its funding reduced by Sport England. The previously published aim to increase Individual Membership rates over a 5 year period will therefore continue and next year’s rise is likely to be £2.

Next Meeting: THURSDAY 23rd March (no scheduled league matches). Dan to book the room. Agenda items to include:- final divisional round-up, Handicap Cup report, Annual Tournament decisions, Presentation Evening, AGM/rules amendments.


  • Martin Pringuer would be unable to organize the end-of-season Gerald Furniss tournament this year. Nick to canvass a replacement in Towcester or failing that a new venue might be required.

Meeting closed at 9.05 pm. 


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