Present: Peter Kent (chairman), Rod Barr, Ian Brown, Veronica Downing, Robert George, Dave Hyde,

Phillip Kibble, Iain Lindsay, Dave Nicholls, Mike Perry, Martin Pringuer, Alan Thompson, Fred Wakefield.

  • Roade club not represented and therefore liable to £5 fine as per Rule 4c.
  • The meeting welcomed Phillip Kibble as the new secretary of Rothersthorpe club.

Apologies for absence: Eddie Dennis, Ray Wood.

Matters arising from last meeting:

  • Several Rothersthorpe players had declined to attend the AGM, the club had not been represented and was therefore subject to a £10 fine. However since the team this season was effectively a new one, it was suggested this fine could be waived unless previous players re-join. Decision deferred.
  • Clubs to ensure all players are aware of league rule changes and remind them of the service rule and refreshments requirements. Rod to post to website also.
  • Clubs reported on their closed-season sessions. Rod had had a few enquiries from new players and had forwarded details to nearest clubs.
  • As agreed at the AGM, Ian proposed a survey of all players to ascertain their preferences for the Annual Tournament. Responses would inform events and when the tournament should be played.

Financial Report:

Peter had not yet handed over to Mike and the accounts were still to be audited. Peter to progress urgently and then Mike to arrange updated signatories and possibly new bank account.

No payment for adverts had been requested or received from Steve Corbett Motors or Petstop Bugbrooke – the meeting agreed these should be waived.

Team Registrations & Formation of Divisions:

Lack of players had caused uncertainty over Everdon and Gayton B, but the following teams were accepted. All fees paid with the exception of Gayton C, Roade and Everdon.

DIVISION ONE – 7 teams

DIVISION TWO – 7 or 8 teams


Towcester B

Gayton B (relegated)

Gayton C (relegated)

Daventry Aces

Towcester C (relegated)

Bugbrooke D

Bugbrooke A

Bugbrooke B


Towcester A

Daventry Bees

Daventry Dees


Towcester D

Yardley Gobion Dogs

Gayton A

Bugbrooke C

Bugbrooke E

Yardley Gobion Eagles (promoted)

Daventry Cees (promoted)

Towcester E


Everdon – needing new players


(Secretary’s note – protracted discussions took place over the following fortnight and it was then confirmed Everdon would disband and individual players join Gayton B.)

League Programme, Fixtures Calendar & Key Dates:

  • It was agreed that teams in each division would play each other three times
  • It was further agreed that
    • the season would start w/c 25th September,
    • half-terms would be playing weeks,
    • w/c 18th December would be a scheduled week but could be substituted by w/c Jan 1st if preferred by individual teams. Easter break w/c April 2nd & 9th.
    • Dave would ascertain availability of Bugbrooke venue for the Annual Tournament during weeks April 16th, 23rd, 30th
    • league fixtures would be emailed to clubs as soon as agreed.

Handbooks, Scorecards & Website: Nigel Corbett had agreed to produce printed books again. Rod will format the draft, check on adverts and liaise with Nigel. He would also set up the new season on website.

Player Registration: Clubs to forward a list of players per team to Rod as soon as possible. Match results cannot be input by Divisional Secretaries if players are not assigned on website. Clubs must ensure all their players are paid up members of TT England - results of ineligible players will be automatically forfeited.

County/National Report:

  • TT England individual membership is now £14 seniors, £7 cadets and juniors.
  • Rod had organized a countywide development meeting with all leagues (Ray Wood had represented Towcester) and a TTE representative. The national BeTT project essentially offered assistance to clubs and leagues with multi-table premises. More information to follow.

Next Meeting: Tuesday 12th September. Veronica to book the hall.


  • Rothersthorpe Club were in need of a better table – Bugbrooke (Towcester) and Everdon both offered tables. Phillip to follow up.
  • Daventry and Yardley Gobion currently use orange celluloid balls – there are now some new plastic variants on the market – Ian would circulate details.
  • Iain suggested that teams should yet again be reminded of the playing up rule – a maximum of three times in league and cup matches combined with no automatic re-registration (Rule 7c). TT365 will highlight league but not cup incidents.

Meeting closed at 9.05pm.


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