Present: Dave Hyde (chair), Rod Barr, Ian Brown, Eddie Dennis, Veronica Downing, David Howard,

Peter Kent, Paul Nichols, Mike Perry, Bob Read, Alan Thompson, Ray Wood, Tony Woodward.

(All clubs represented except Rothersthorpe – liable for £10 fine).

Apologies: Morris Freeman, Nick Howard, Iain Lindsay, Fred Wakefield.

Matters arising from last AGM/committee meeting:

  • Everdon club not represented at 23rd March meeting (Peter overseas) – the meeting agreed the fine would be waived.
  • Minutes of March committee meeting and 2016 AGM signed.

President’s Address: On file.

Chairman’s Report: Nick had sent a report (on file) which was read by Dave. He expressed thanks for all those volunteers who gave up their time to make the league “shine with personality, enjoyment and sportsmanship.”

Treasurer’s Report: Peter presented the accounts which were yet to be audited and although some items were still outstanding, there was little variance from the previous year, a balance of £2,588.34 being carried forward. Peter to finalise accounts and submit for auditing as soon as possible. It was agreed that team fees for next season should remain at £30.

Secretary’s Report: Rod commented on national events including the proposed uplift in individual membership fees and changes to the website home page.

Annual Tournament Report: Ian reported on a slightly reduced entry – from 24 to 21 players and it was agreed he would conduct a survey to ascertain the best format and timing for the majority of members. Rod to circulate survey when received from Ian.

Handicap Cup Report: With the exception of several early round ‘walkovers’, our record of highly competitive matches and incredibly close results was maintained. Perhaps against some expectations, Bugbrooke B had pushed Daventry Fledglings close in the Final, Daventry winning by just three points. Thanks to Mike and Rod for administering this event.

Gerald Furniss Tournament Report: Organized by David Howard this year with 17 entrants - thanks were expressed to David and the report of another enjoyable and well supported event was posted to the website.

Presentation Evening Report: Nick had organised this year’s event with assistance from Tony, and although Rod’s hospitalization had curtailed his participation and in the absence of Vice Presidents, Iain Lindsay had presented trophies. Rod attended to present the final three Presidents Cups.

Proposed amendments to rules: In response to discussions in Committee, Rod had prepared proposed amendments which are attached to these minutes. They consisted of some administrative-led changes plus proposals to postponements and tournament eligibility. A vote was taken and all proposals were passed unanimously.

Election of Officers: All officers had expressed willingness to continue in their roles and were re-elected en bloc with the following exceptions –

  • Chairman - Peter Kent volunteered and was elected unopposed
  • Treasurer - Mike Perry volunteered and was elected unopposed.

League Development:

  • A discussion was prompted to encourage clubs to think about their teams for next season. Daventry, Rothersthorpe and Towcester detailed their closed season coaching/practice activities.

Date of next meeting: Monday 14th August 2017, 7.45pm in Rothersthorpe Village Hall. Veronica to book. Rod to circulate team registration forms for return by this meeting - all club secretaries to ensure they have confirmed their team entries in advance.

AOB: The issue of illegal/non-conforming services was raised and it was agreed that in addition to information already posted on the website, this matter should be highlighted to all members with a warning that individual umpires may call against illegal services which are obviously gaining an advantage. It is the responsibility of all clubs to advise their players about this matter.

The provision of match refreshments is a requirement which adds to the friendliness of our league competition. All teams should adhere to this rule, or if really not possible, should inform their opponents in advance.

Meeting concluded at 10 pm.




·         Most of the proposed changes are of an administrative nature and so non-contentious. The possible exceptions are to Rules 9 and 11 and the explanations are as follows:-

·         Rule 9. Considerable discussion and some dissatisfaction about the number of postponements (especially in Division One) has been aired in committee meetings. It was also noted that Divisional Secretaries were often not informed. Compared to many other leagues (large and small) our rules on this topic are more generous but still we seem to be lax in applying them. The proposed changes are intended to instil a little more responsibility into some of our players.

·         Rule 11. There has previously been much discussion about tournament eligibility. The original text about players from other leagues was intended to stop tournament ‘pot hunters’ who played only a few games in the league. The proposed change is a relaxation of the rule and recognises that many of our players of all standards now play regularly in multiple leagues. It also continues to guard against potential ‘pot hunters’ by requiring seeded players to meet the 40% qualification.


Existing text to be deleted                 New text to be inserted


1.   The League shall be called the Towcester and District Table Tennis League and shall be affiliated to both the English Table Tennis England and the Northamptonshire County Table Tennis Associations.


3.   The League shall have a President, Vice President(s), Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Registration Secretary, Divisional Secretaries, Fixtures Officer, Publicity/ Website Officer, Coaching Secretary, Tournament Organiser and Honorary Auditor who shall all be elected annually.


4a. The League shall be administered by a committee which will consist of a representative from each club and include the League Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Registration Secretary, and Divisional Secretaries and Fixtures Officer.


7b. All players must ensure they are individually affiliated to Table Tennis England and have paid their annual fees before playing in any league competition. Each player's registration must also be lodged with the Registration Secretary at least 48hrs prior to playing in any match, except that no new player shall be registered after the 1st of January in any season without the consent of the committee.


8d. Matches must be played in accordance with E.T.T.A. rules the laws of table tennis and the home team will provide the scorecard and ITTF approved 3 star balls. Before the match begins, the home team shall enter their players' names on the scorecard with the away team then following suit. Matches will proceed according to the order given on the scorecard unless agreed otherwise by both teams.


9a. Teams are permitted up to two league matches outstanding at any one time. If this is exceeded for any reason, a five point penalty will be incurred. Postponements must be by mutual consent and notice given immediately to the relevant Divisional Secretary. If the two match rule is exceeded, a five point penalty will be automatically incurred by the defaulting team on each occasion.

9b. It is the defaulting team’s responsibility to offer reasonable alternative dates/venues and within two weeks of the original match date new dates must be agreed and the relevant Divisional Secretary informed.

9c. If notice is not given to the Divisional Secretary as described in 9a and 9b above, an additional five point penalty will be incurred by the defaulting team.

9d. All league matches must be completed by the end of the season, i.e. one week after the last scheduled league matches. Note that it is not acceptable for teams to ‘double-up the points’ to avoid playing a match. In the event of any match remaining unplayed, the Committee will decide if and how many points should be awarded.

9e. Any disputes arising from postponements will be dealt with by the Committee at its absolute discretion.


11a. Any registered player may apply to enter the annual closed tournament provided that they have played in at least 40% of league matches prior to the closing date for entries. Any player not having played in sufficient matches may still be considered eligible provided they are not a registered player in another table tennis league would not be seeded in any event they wish to enter. No entry form will be accepted without the correct fee.


12b. Handicaps and decisions relating to the cup competition and matches shall be decided by a sub-committee consisting of the Handicap Cup Secretary, Divisional Secretaries and Fixtures Officer Registration Secretary.

12c. No player shall play in a cup match unless they have previously played in at least three league matches in the current or immediately preceding season. Handicaps will be jointly based on the current County Ranking List and Towcester league averages and County rankings and are subject to change throughout the competition.

12g. Comments or complaints Queries regarding any individual handicap must be made to the Handicap Cup Secretary.


15. The Committee's interpretation of these rules and of all matters affecting the administration of the league shall be final except where a right of appeal exists.

Match Formats

In common with other leagues in the county, the following format for league matches has been adopted. Under this format, games Games will be won by the player or pair first to score 11 points. If both sides have scored 10 points the game is won by the side subsequently scoring 2 points more than their opponents. Each set will be the best of 5 games. Service will change after every 2 points except that if both sides have scored 10 points, the service will change after every point. In the 5th game of a set, the players will change ends when one side first scores 5 points.

In the Handicap Cup Competition, matches will consist of thirty games i.e. nine singles sets of three games and one doubles set of three games. Each game will finish when one player or pair reaches 11 points. Players will change ends in the third game when one side first reaches 5 points. In the event of a tie the doubles set will continue for a fourth game with the handicap being applied pro-rata. The default score for an absent player will be 11-0 for the appropriate games.

Notes on Rule 9: Postponements

You should only ask for a postponement in extreme circumstances. If it is your home game, be able to offer at least one alternative date immediately. You are not obliged to agree to a postponement, and should only do so if you are given or can offer an alternative date, so that the fixture is cleared as quickly as possible. Avoid agreeing to a postponement if you already have a match outstanding.

(Secretary’s note - Although I agree with the above ‘notes’, for clarity they should either be incorporated into Rule 9 or deleted. Personally I would have thought there are enough rules covering this topic!)



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