Routine reminder to all players that you are ineligible to play in any league match until you have paid your Table Tennis England individual memberships. Please also ensure your contact details are up-to-date.

At the Committee Meeting on 14th August it was requested that players were once more reminded about the 'playing up' rule. This is explicitly covered by Rule 7c. "Where more than one team exists in a club, no player may play in a team lower than that for which they are registered. In any season, a player may play up in a maximum of three matches regardless of the number of teams in the club. If this denies a player a regular game, application may be made to the committee for re-registration. However, if a player has been registered in a team lower than their personal standard or ranking would suggest is appropriate and by playing up in league matches would strengthen the other team, then playing up is not allowed." This has been the case since 2009 so please divest yourselves of the old notion of 'automatic re-registration', it doesn't exist.

All players to note that changes were made to league rules (found under 'Information' on the Homepage) at the 2017 AGM. In particular, Rule 9 dealing with postponements and Rule 11 dealing with Annual Tournament eligibility. Please take the time to read these changes because failure to comply with the former does carry penalties.

The AGM also discussed serving that does not comply to the laws of the game and it was agreed that every player should ensure they understand  the current requirements of a good service and, crucially, make every effort to comply. There is ample information available on this website and the Table Tennis England site and individual umpires have the right to call when serves are very obviously faulty and gaining an unfair advantage.

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