Top Level Perforamance In Tollgate Vets Invitation Tournament


An interesting evening of competitive Table Tennis was played between mostly Tollgate and Pegasus players who have practiced together regularly over the Summer. There were two separate events, the A section comprising 12 players & the B 6.

With no seedings Group 1 comprised 3 of the favourites with Eric Melvin beating Steve Noble but then losing to Martyn Green who in turn squeezed passed Noble 13-11 in the final end.  Ken Huang finished fourth.

Group 2 was dominated by Ipswich's Dave Fiddeman who won all his games, with Tom Elder runner-up and Terry Butler third, with the unlucky Dave Whiting winless.

With only 3 players in the third group Rowhedge's Nigel Claydon came top with Roger Hance runner-up and Barry Hayley third.

In the final round of matches Green beat both Claydon and Fiddeman in Group A to win the overall event with Eric Melvin top of Group B on count back after he lost to Elder but beat Roger Hance who achieved his dream of beating Elder.  Steve Noble won Group C with Butler finishing runner-up  and Hayley third, Finally, Dave Whiting won Group D beating Stan Flint, who earlier won the B event, coming second and Ken Huang third.


 A Section:                           B Section:

 1 Martyn Green                 1 Stan Flint

 2 Dave Fiddeman              2 Trevor Treharne

 3  Nigel Claydon                 3 Vic Little

 4 Eric Melvin                       4 Alan Foley

 5 Roger Hance                    5 John Morley

 6 Tom Elder                         6 Lee Hodson

 7 Steve Noble

 8 Terry Butler

 9 Barry Hayley

10 Dave Whiting

11 Stan Flint

12 Ken Huang





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